GE Healthcare Partners

At GE Healthcare Partners, we create value for our clients by leveraging the power of GE Healthcare to solve the most challenging problems in healthcare through the delivery of client problem-back solutions, long-term strategic partnerships, and advanced analytic capabilities.

We connect with our clients to define and prioritize their critical challenges, design the best strategies, and activate impactful solutions to create breakthrough, sustainable outcomes to enable them to transform and succeed. 

GE Healthcare Partners is at the forefront of GE Healthcare’s ambition to become the leading provider of outcomes-based and analytic solutions through Performance Partnerships, Command Center Partnerships, and Consulting Solutions--three areas that we’ve seen make the biggest impact for organizations:

  • Performance Partnerships
    • Create unique, multi-year relationships to drive sustainable outcomes
    • Connect GE-wide capabilities to create “only GE” offerings
    • Lead innovation in healthcare to improve health & lower costs
  • Command Center Partnerships
    • Disruptive healthcare analytics power by  GE’s Hospital of the Future™ Analytics Engine
    • Command Center Design and Activation
    • Advanced Analytics Consulting and Digital Twins
  • Consulting Solutions
    • Deep healthcare domain expertise
    • Industry leading thought leadership
    • Strategic, analytic, operational levels to drive change to accelerate results

We are powered by an unparalleled combination of STRATEGY + ANALYTICS + ACTIVATION grounded in sound management systems, financial principles, and clinical perspectives.

Our diverse and experienced team is passionate about leading the transformation of healthcare by delivering forward-thinking insights, advanced analytics, and proven tools and technology to accelerate and sustain change.

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