Stonehill is a strategy and innovation consultancy. We help the world’s most interesting brands identify opportunity, create change, and accelerate growth.

Our services

Strategy & Design Thinking
Stonehill helps the world’s most interesting brands to identify opportunities, create change, and accelerate growth. Our strategy consulting practice works diligently to assist organizations to realize their vision. We bring in right-sized, agile teams that know how to work with others. Our team can provide you with an introduction to design thinking, facilitate workshops to spark an idea, or help implement human-centered design across your culture for a competitive advantage.

People & Operations
In order to create the ultimate customer experience, companies must spend time to ensure that their people, process, and product are the best they can be. Stonehill works with our clients to design organizations from top-down defining strategy to refining their story and implementing operations that exceed customer expectations. Our team works hard to design products, map processes, train people, and establish financial models that allow for easy and effective business management. The best products, delivered via innovative processes, by highly trained people - that’s our goal.

Technology & Experience
Business is rapidly changing. Companies are beginning to understand the importance of designing customer interactions and building products or services that increase customer experience. Stonehill moves at the speed of the customer and helps our clients configure technology, harness data, and design clear paths for improving performance. Our Technology & Experience team helps you understand what your clients need and create solutions to make them raving fans.

Marketing & Sales
If you want to drive change, you have to control the conversation. Our firm works with you to identify, understand, and map the channels that influence your customers. We create full communications strategies that drive engagement and connect individuals to your organization. Our team designs campaigns, creates content, and manages the distribution of your message across organic and paid media. We amplify the message by creating engaging customer events, developing beneficial partnerships, and establishing your company as the expert within your field. At Stonehill, we connect you with your customers and create experiences that your client will never forget.

Training & Simulation
Training & Simulation combines education, experience, and interactivity to prepare teams to address any challenge. The instructional designers at Stonehill are well versed in the trifecta of instructional design - engaging content, effective delivery, and simple evaluation. Our delivery methods include immersive, group delivery, and online to ensure that you gain the most out of your investment.

Design Thinking

At Stonehill, we leverage Design Thinking as our primary methodology.  Design Thinking is a formal process that allows for the creation of practical, innovative, and cost-effective resolutions that enhance the customer experience.  We start with the end outcome in mind, working backward to discover an innovative and unique solution. The solutions are human-centered, ensuring that the needs of the audience are the first priority in the development of each idea.