Trianz simplifies digital evolutions of companies from strategy through execution. Leveraging its global digital transformation database of over 1.5 million datapoints, Trianz provides digital maturity and benchmarking services, transformation strategy development and execution blueprint services. With a unique, multi-disciplinary and collaborative model, Trianz helps clients transition to new business models, digitalized processes and deliver great experiences utilizing Analytics, Digital, Cloud, Infrastructure and Cyber Security technologies.

Trianz is on the path to achieving its vision by offering a broad continuum of services designed to enable digital transformation - right from strategy to operations.

Strategy & Roadmap: Helps the company’s clients reimagine the business value for the digital age by helping translate their strategy into an action plan with a clear and agile path to execution. Trianz uses over 1.5 million data points, harvested via exhaustive studies on the subject, that paints a clear picture of why only 7% of companies succeed in their digital transformation initiatives.  The company uses a service delivery methodology called Compass One that helps its clients leverage data, break down each initiative into well-prioritized phases, set KPI level outcome objectives, and execute in an agile and iterative manner. With practical, implementable and well-thought-out strategies, the company’s approach is focused on a critical dimension - business impact delivered.

Digital Benchmarking: Helps our clients determine their current digital maturity across product and service portfolios, value chains, IT and organizational models to get clarity on transformations and develop a data-driven vision, strategy and priorities. Trianz’s benchmarking approach is based on the “Digital Enterprise Evolution Model” or DEEM developed after researching 5000+ companies across 18 industries, which measures where companies are on the digital continuum and how they have evolved before becoming a leader.

Digital Technologies: Enables the company’s clients to transition their business to a digital enterprise with the holistic continuum of services – Analytics, Business Apps, Cloud, Infra & Security. Each of these services offers a gamut of offerings to deliver end-to-end digital transformation ranging from strategy & assessment, consulting, technology implementation and industry solutions to the digital workplace and managed services.

Managed Services: Backed by the Transformative Application Management framework, Trianz ensures that its enterprise apps always provide a consistent user experience and address key business and IT objectives. Managed IT operations streamline its clients’ IT operations management (ITOM) through automation, orchestration tools and cloud-agnostic integration platforms while the managed Analytics services uncover actionable insights from siloed data. The managed endpoint security services solution offers an end-to-end authorization and improved coordination against potential attacks.

Digital Studios: Delivers holistic services, including experience strategy and design for both internal and external stakeholders, as well as custom digital apps development to ensure a consistent digital experience. From stakeholder research and roadmaps to design sprints, eCommerce, enterprise integration and sales ops optimization – to name a few, Trianz offers a complete gamut of solutions to elevate internal as well as external stakeholder experience.

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