Cimbria Consulting teams with drainage expert DIGS Associates

05 November 2018 2 min. read
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Houston-based management consultancy Cimbria Capital has partnered with drainage water management (DWM) consultancy DIGS to promote the Illinois-based firm’s agricultural improvement solutions.

Launched earlier this year, Cimbria Consulting is an affiliate company of private equity firm Cimbria Capital. Like its parent company, the consultancy focuses on the agribusiness, renewable energy, and water technology industries – providing transformation consulting services to the increasingly critical and lucrative segments amid a backdrop of climate change and other challenges. Cimbria’s team of almost 50 consulting professionals operate from offices in Houston and Milwaukee.

Earlier this fall, Cimbria partnered with Danish engineered solutions firm Engiso to promote its solutions focused on industrial products for extreme environments. The partnership aims to advance Engiso’s products and services among the wind power, telecom, maritime, and oil & gas sectors.Cimbria Consulting teams with drainage expert DIGS AssociatesCimbria has entered another partnership, this time with drainage water management (DWM) consultancy DIGS Associates. DWM is a water conservation method that controls the timing of water discharges through subsurface drainage systems – improving water and soil quality for better crop yields. Flat land with limited wetness can become more productive with the low-cost, effective tile drainage system.

The highly specialized consultancy’s engineering department utilizes data-driven and software design capabilities to provide institutional and agricultural clients with effective DWM solutions. "DIGS Associates' top priority is to increase the use of quality design planning for agricultural drainage throughout the U.S,” said company founders Corey Getz and Quint Shambaugh. “We do the necessary legwork to facilitate discussion between all stakeholders and confront the possible externalities that can occur from agricultural drainage. Our focus is on quality, while streamlining an intricate and highly personal process."

Teaming up with Cimbria Consulting will help DIGS improve its corporate messaging as well as its visibility to landowners, farmers, water districts, and client investors.

"DIGS' objective third-party consulting services are a strategic advantage for agricultural landowners everywhere, and Cimbria Consulting is excited to partner with such innovative experts to expand the visibility of their drainage capabilities throughout North America,” said Noah J. Sabich, Partner and Senior Advisor at Cimbria Consulting.