Baker Tilly implementing efficiency-boosting RPA software from NICE

28 December 2018 3 min. read

Accounting and consulting firm Baker Tilly has chosen NICE Robotic Process Automation to lead their advanced technology roadmap. NICE’s leading RPA software will help the consultancy boost productivity while saving time and man hours.

Founded in 1986 and based in in the tech hotspot of Tel Aviv, NICE provides cloud and on-premises enterprise software focused on business areas ranging from customer engagement to financial crime. The company is also one of the leading providers of robotic process automation (RPA) software, alongside competitors Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and Work Fusion.

RPA software performs routine back office tasks (filling in forms, doing repetitive calculations, processing orders, etc.) more accurately and quickly than human workers, freeing them up to do more ‘interesting’ and higher level work, if they’ve got the skillset.

Baker Tilly’s team of accounting and consulting professionals have plenty of better things to do than fill out forms. NICE – which already has 500,000 robots in production environments – has been helping the Chicago-based firm accelerate internal automation to save time and money. Baker Tilly employs nearly 3,000 people across more than 30 US offices.

“Starting our automation journey required a strong partner who understands the organizational impacts of innovative technologies, creates a structured implementation approach, and provides support to the teams as they learn, prototype and embrace robotic process automation,” commented Waqqas Mahmood, Baker Tilly’s Director of Advanced Technology & Innovation. “With NICE we have been able to successfully explore the areas of automation in our tax, audit, and consulting practices – giving our teams more time to create higher value for our clients.”

According to a release from NICE, Baker Tilly has seen a 66% decrease in time and cost in certain areas through the use of the NICE Robotic Process Automation solution. For example, the implemented RPA solution cut a particular processing task in the tax division from 15 human-delivered minutes to 5 robot-executed minutes – without compromising accuracy.

In another usage example, NICE automated the Real Estate Investment Trust process in the accounting department. The robots open, file, and organize data based on template summary tabs with property ownership, after which the data is refined and summary tabs are presented to the accounting department for review and finalization.

"We are excited that Baker Tilly chose NICE Robotic Process Automation to lead their advanced technology road map,” remarked NICE Enterprise Group President Miki Migdal. “The organization is open-minded in its approach, and working with Baker Tilly has been seamless. Their leadership understands the need for high-level solutions that help employees be more successful while making the processes flawless.”

“Robotic Automation is there to help employees focus their time on high value activities, rather than on the dull, routine ones,” Migdal added.

In other Baker Tilly news, the firm recently closed its acquisition of RGL Forensics. The company also took part in a global brand refresh spearheaded by consultancy network Baker Tilly International, of which the firm is the US member.