Deloitte to present 'smart' future at upcoming CES 2019 in Las Vegas

04 January 2019 3 min. read
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The global consultancy will present on various aspects of our smart technology future – including mobility, cities, entertainment, and enterprise – at this year’s edition of the popular consumer electronics showcase.

The past is a foreign country, they say, but maybe it’s also dumb. The future is digital, as some Shingy-esque keynote speaker will relate – but it’s also likely to be ‘smart.’ That means things from home appliances to cars and city infrastructure being connected, pouring in copious amounts of data to self-optimize, leveraging automation technologies and what have you.

Big Four accounting and consulting firm Deloitte will be talking all about smart technology in all its permutations – from mobility to cities to entertainment – at the upcoming CES (formerly Consumer Electronics Show) hosted annually in Las Vegas. Held from January 8-11 this year, the marquee trade show hosts presentations of hot new products and future tech in the consumer electronics industry. Last year the show attracted 182,000 visitors.

Deloitte’s Smart Future conference series will provide visitors with an interactive and practical look at all things ‘smart,’ with key leaders discussing the shape and future trends of the market.

Deloitte to present 'smart' future at upcoming CES 2019 in Las Vegas

Mobility and connectivity

Advanced connectivity is already showing the outline of future mobility with autonomous vehicles and electrified passenger drones changing the way goods and people travel. Deloitte will discuss some of the key findings of its recent research into technology, automotive, and mobility – including the rise of smart speakers, the scaling up of 5G networks, and the impacts of China’s advanced telecom network.

The consulting firm will also present on vehicle autonomy, electrification, connectivity, and ridesharing from a consumer standpoint (i.e. willingness to adopt), as well as the future of regulating tech-enhanced mobility.

Smart cities

Cities around the world are harnessing IoT, data & insights, and automation to realize efficiencies – improving traffic flows, energy use, garbage collection, etc. Realizing the full benefits of smart cities, however, requires effective collaboration between public and private partners, as well as innovative funding and financing models, according to Deloitte. 

At CES, Deloitte will elaborate on how cities can take steps to realize the future of mobility in the coming decades, as well as how they can implement ‘creative alternatives’ to traditional infrastructure finance models to fund smart cities. The firm will also relate the multiple avenues to becoming a smart city.

Smart entertainment

With everyone having connected devices in their pockets, online and offline is becoming blurred as media firms continue to transition to digital advertising platforms. Firms are also focusing on extended and interactive experiences between fans and brands. Deloitte will examine how ad publishers can thrive in the face of digital disruption, while uncovering the shifting behaviors of consumers vis-à-vis ads, social media, and the internet. The firm will also talk about augmented, virtual, and mixed-reality, 360 video, and other immersive experiences.

Smart enterprise

Finally, Deloitte will present on the digital technologies accelerating the business world – enabling new products, services, and business models. The firm will examine AI technologies and industry 4.0 transformations, while highlighting which business tech innovations are gaining traction, as well as which companies are doing it best.