BCG partners with IIoT platform provider Litmus Automation

10 January 2019 2 min. read

Boston Consulting Group has partnered with Industrial Internet of Things cloud platform solutions provider Litmus Automation to help clients kick their manufacturing into Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 means smart factories: robot arms, conveyer belts, and vehicles connected wirelessly (the Internet of Things) and communicating with each other – self-optimizing through machine learning fed by huge volumes of data to make the manufacturing process more efficient.

One of the leading providers of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms is Litmus Automation. Founded in 2013, the San Diego firm’s LoopEdge and LoopCloud platforms help industrial clients continually acquire and use manufacturing data from disparate sources to make better business decisions.

Big Three strategy firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) will now be partnering with Litmus to provide an enhanced joint IoT offering to help clients effectively adopt Industry 4.0.BCG partners with IIoT platform provider Litmus Automation"We partnered with Litmus because although the IoT platform market is crowded, most of those vendors only offer partial solutions for manufacturing IoT," commented Olivier Bouffault, partner and managing director at BCG. "Litmus offers a complete, simple, and pragmatic solution that combined with our expertise enables a range of opportunities in developing integral manufacturing analytics solutions."

BCG will enlist the resources of its advanced analytics and data science business Gamma in the partnership. Gamma’s experts builds scalable, end-to-end, AI-powered solutions to help businesses rapidly boost their performance. In the partnership, BCG will help clients build and implement IoT roadmaps, with Gamma providing advanced analytics solutions and Litmus delivering its IIoT platform for data collection and structuration.

"The road to realizing business value from IoT investments is full of uncertainty," remarked John Younes, co-founder and COO at Litmus Automation. "Together, BCG and Litmus can offer clients a path to successful Industry 4.0 adoption from concept to completion. We look forward to working collaboratively to leverage each of our capabilities to help companies digitally transform."

In other BCG news, the management consultancy recently launched a significant rebranding effort. The rebranding included hacking off the ‘The’ from their name to become simply ‘Boston Consulting Group,’ though they didn’t go so far as to change their brand to an acronym like EY and PwC (who formerly did business as Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers). BCG’s rebrand also included a refreshed connected-character sans serif logo.