Slalom Consulting moves 700-strong Chicago team to Aon Center

22 January 2019 3 min. read
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Tech and business consulting firm Slalom has moved its Chicago office from Prudential Plaza to Aon Center, more than doubling its office space in the process.

Formerly the Amoco Building, The Aon Center is one of the more imposing monoliths on the Chicago skyline, clad in white granite that was once white marble, replaced in the early ‘90s due to structural issues. Completed in 1973, the 83-floor skyscraper is the third tallest building in Chicago. Its tenants include Aon – which has their North America headquarters there – as well as Kraft Heinz, Microsoft, and United Energy.

The building now has another marquee consulting tenant in the form of Slalom. The Seattle-based technology and business consultancy announced that it has relocated its Chicago office from Prudential Plaza to the Aon Center. NYC-based 601W owned both the Aon Center and Prudential Plaza, but recently sold off the latter property to Sterling Bay. As such, Slalom will still be leasing from the same owner.

The move also means a huge upgrade in space, with Slalom more than doubling its office space to 65,000 sq ft through the leasing of floors 37 and 38. The firm has maintained a healthy growth rate, adding 200 people to its Chicago office in the past two years, with further hiring expected in the near future. The launch of its software and tech product ‘build-as-a-service’ offering Slalom Build earlier this year has also driven the need for more office space. Slalom currently has Build centers in Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Seattle, and Toronto.

Slalom Consulting moves 700-strong Chicago team to Aon Center

"Our Chicago office has grown steadily since we opened 14 years ago,” said Justin Odenbach, General Manager, Slalom Chicago. "With more than 700 employees now – and plans to grow beyond 1,000 in the next three years – we simply outgrew our previous space.”

“Because we have a local business model, our people live and work in the Chicago area, so staying in the city was key. We were thrilled to find a space that met our criteria for location, growth, flexible use, and culture fit right here in the neighborhood we know and love," Odenbach added.

Slalom Build will be located on floor 38, while the Slalom consulting team will be on floor 37, with both teams connected by an internal staircase. The customized office space was designed to accommodate frequent meetings with clients and partners, while satisfying the unique needs of team members that are in the office daily or mostly on-site with clients.

Slalom’s previous space at Prudential was segmented between floors 51 and 53, so the conjoined space at Aon is a marked improvement, in addition to the sheer size difference.

The space will also utilize hoteling (scheduled workspaces), project-based workspace, and flexible areas for events and education.

"This new space gives our teams what they need to work effectively and collaboratively at scale,” continued Odenbach. “Plus, making our home in an iconic building in the heart of the city is part of who we are, and I'm happy we can maintain that part of our culture."

Slalom has over 6,000 employees across more than 20 offices in the US, as well as offices in Toronto and London. The firm has annual revenues of $1.4 billion.