Executive benefits firm Capacuity hires senior consultant, CTO

20 June 2019 Consulting.us 2 min. read
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Executive benefits consulting, investment advisory, and asset management firm Capacuity has made two major changes to its leadership staff. Thomas Cook will act as senior consultant and Hemant Srivastava as CTO.

Cook, previously a financial consultant with Fulcrum Partners, will provide consulting and analytical support to Capacuity’s clients and partners. At Fulcrum Partners, he focused on non-qualified retirement plans, which are designed to meet the needs of executive-level and other key employees. Cook has also served as a senior financial analyst and senior consultant with Newport Group, focusing on executive benefit plan solutions and financing. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Davidson College in North Carolina, and a master’s degree in business administration from Indiana University.

“Tom has deep and varied experience in the design, funding, investments, and tax treatment of executive benefit plans,” Peter Cahall, Capacuity CEO, said. “His experience in these areas will be a great asset to our core service of addressing the major trends which are materially affecting the sponsors and participants of these plans – including significant tax, regulatory, investment, and pricing changes.”

Thomas Cook and Hemant Srivastava - CapAcuity

Srivastava, meanwhile, will head up the firm’s IT strategy, operations, infrastructure, governance, and data security. He was previously head of an independent consulting firm offering business strategy, financial, and IT consulting services. He has also worked as an information officer at national health risk assessment provider Hooper Holmes. Srivastava holds a bachelor’s degree from Brock University, as well as a master’s and PhD from Princeton University.

“We are excited to welcome Hemant to our team,” Cahall said. “His leadership will be critical as we continue to invest in our client reporting platform and enhance our information technology infrastructure.”

Cahall founded Capacuity, which is headquartered in Florida, in 2018, with the purpose of addressing the shifting landscape of executive benefits. “Tax legislation has impacted the effectiveness of many popular funding vehicles,” Cahall said. “We’ve seen dramatic reductions in investment product costs. And there is as strong move toward heightened transparency and competitiveness in vendor pricing.” 

As such, Capacuity offers advice for businesses as they navigate the “supply chain” of executive benefits. This includes brokers, mutual fund families, and insurance companies. The firm helps its clients optimize funding, negotiates product and vendor pricing, and provides continual financial oversight, with the end goal of better financial results for both executive benefit plan sponsors and participants.