Bermuda Tourism Authority hires US consultancy

19 August 2019 2 min. read

In a bid to increase aircraft arrivals the Bermuda Tourism Authority has enlisted the help of Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting, an Atlanta-based consulting firm that specializes in air service development. The firm has a great deal of experience working with smaller airports – a key factor in the BTA’s decision. 

“We selected APAC for its successful track record with helping other relevant destinations increase their air capacity, including places such as Hawaii, Palm Springs, California, Savannah, Georgia, and Asheville, North Carolina, whose size or criteria align with Bermuda and our National Tourism Plan,” Kevin Dallas, BTA’s chief executive, said in an interview with Bermuda daily newspaper The Royal Gazette. “By undertaking this initiative, we’ll be working with the BAA to spearhead a realistic strategy that examines our island’s diverse needs in the context of key cities and target audiences, then works with airline partners to achieve the highest airlift possible throughout all seasons of the year.”

Bermuda Tourism Authority hires US consultancy

Tourism is unsurprisingly a key cog in Bermuda’s economy. And as air travel is effectively the only way to and from Bermuda and the rest of the world, all sectors of the tourism industry have a vested interest in attracting air travel. As such, Ailevon consultants will work with Bermuda’s government, the BTA, the Bermuda Hotel Association, and the Bermuda Airport Authority to create a plan that will attract flights and airlines to the island.

In the past year, tourism arrivals have dropped by 5%. Much of this decline can be attributed to a reduced number of flights between Bermuda and New York – the largest market for Bermuda tourism. Tourist arrivals between the two locations dropped by more than 12% – or 3,182 fewer tourists – in the first half of 2019. In the same time period, hotel occupancy rates dropped by 4.4%. 

“Consultants are speaking with both authorities’ teams, and will also meet with key stakeholder groups, including the Bermuda Government, Skyport, global business associations, the Chamber of Commerce, and travel agents to gather diverse perspectives on airlift challenges and needs as they affect Bermuda,” a BTA spokeswoman told The Royal Gazette. “The collaborative initiative is focused on identifying the best airlift strategy for Bermuda, along with potential opportunities in negotiations with airlines.”

In addition to Atlanta, Ailevon operates out of offices in Sydney, Australia. The firm offers strategic advice to leaders in the aviation industry, helping them identify new markets and opportunities.