Deloitte teams up with Splunk on cybersecurity offering

20 August 2019 2 min. read

Accounting and consulting firm Deloitte is partnering with data solutions firm Splunk to deliver automated security monitoring and response capabilities across the globe.

Deloitte’s Fusion Managed Services – which provides cyber defenses that help companies protect data and monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to attacks – will leverage Splunk’s Phantom security platform to more quickly and consistently detect and respond to threats.

The Phantom security platform automates repetitive tasks, cuts down on dwell times with automated investigations, and integrates existing security infrastructure to link up a cohesive defense strategy.

San Francisco–based Splunk broadly offers solutions that allow organizations to monitor, investigate, and act on business, IT, security, and IoT data.
Deloitte teams up with Splunk on cybersecurity offering

"The strength of the Deloitte/Splunk alliance is a real benefit to clients in helping them achieve their security monitoring and response objectives in a highly efficient, cost-effective manner," said Kent Cinquegrana, a managing director in Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory's cyber practice. "The combination of Deloitte's Fusion Managed Services and Splunk Phantom can enable a more rapid response to cyber adversaries and the challenges they present to organizations every day."

Large consultancies like the Big Four have extensive partner ecosystems to select the most suitable software for every engagement. Smaller IT consultancies, however, will often specialize in a single software offering or family, such as Azure or Salesforce, for example.

"Managing the future of cyber means collaborating to accelerate innovation and growth in strategic, creative, agile, and adaptive new ways,” John Peirson, CEO of Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, said. “Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory curates an expansive yet specialized ecosystem of alliance relationships with leading providers, like Splunk, to match the specific challenges and opportunities organizations worldwide are requiring to scale exponentially and tap into the potential of new technologies."