Deloitte and World Travel & Tourism Council to create travel and tourism report

24 September 2019 2 min. read
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Big four consulting firm Deloitte and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) have announced a collaborative effort to usher in digital transformation and its associated “work and workforce shifts” – as well as the effects those shifts may have on public policy. 

The collaboration will come in the form of a report, entitled “The Future of Work in Travel & Tourism.” It will focus on best practices and public policy recommendations, which will enable businesses within the travel and tourism sector to make success-driving decisions in the coming years. 

"As a trusted leader and recognized organization within the travel and tourism sector globally, WTTC is an ideal research partner to explore industry challenges, and help organizations sustain growth in the golden age of travel," Guy Langford, Deloitte US’s transportation, hospitality and services industry leader, said.

“‘The Future of Work in Travel & Tourism’ report will allow us to rethink how work and workforces enabled by digital transformations can enhance customer experiences across a number of industries including hotels, cruises, airlines, transportation and restaurants – all supported by the collaboration and coordination of public and private sectors.”

Deloitte and WTTC to create travel and tourism report

The travel and tourism sector currently accounts for one in 10 – or 319 million – jobs worldwide, and makes up 10.4% ($8.8 trillion) of global GDP, meaning its economic impact is invaluable on both an individual and a global scale. The rise of digitization, however, means travel and tourism businesses must evolve and transform, leveraging new technologies and paying close attention to business models that are able to effectively attract the best talent. This change, Deloitte believes, calls for a reimagining of how the sector operates. “The Future of Work in Travel & Tourism” will provide advice and recommendations that will support such change. 

"With one in five of all new jobs created in the last five years coming from travel and tourism – and 100 million jobs expected to be created by the sector worldwide in the coming decade – it is vital that our sector is fully prepared to make the most of this opportunity,” Gloria Guevara, WTTC president and CEO, said. “This means that we must understand the roles which people will be performing across our sector; the influence of technology in enhancing the way that companies work with consumers; and the importance of government policy to facilitate best practice and innovation across the sector. We look forward to working with Deloitte on this crucial piece of work." 

Deloitte and the WTTC plan to unveil the report at 2020’s WTTC Global Summit, which will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in April.