W. Capra Consulting launches merchant-focused Rebar Technology Solutions

05 November 2019 Consulting.us 2 min. read

Chicago-based IT consultancy W. Capra Consulting Group has launched Rebar Technology Solutions, which will focus on delivering custom technology projects to recurring and subscription merchants.

Founded in 2000, W. Capra Consulting Group provides IT strategy and implementation services to retail clients. The company has helped a long list of clients – including Fortune 100s – plan and implement retail technology, payments, and data security systems. W. Capra has offices in Chicago, Nashville, and Toronto.

The firm has now launched Rebar Technology Solutions as a standalone company. Rebar will help retail and e-commerce merchants with customized services in payments, subscription, and loyalty. The company will address the specific merchant need for specialized recurring billing technology development and operational services – increasingly in demand as many business models change to subscription-based ones.

W. Capra Consulting launches Rebar Technology Solutions

Rebar will use a consultative approach to develop custom solutions that involve internal systems, vendor solutions, and/or Rebar-managed modules to create the most effective merchant ecosystem. Solutions will cover CRM, storefronts, CMS, billing platforms, payment gateways, fraud screening, and chargeback management.

“Historically W. Capra has focused on strategy, sourcing, and execution for our clients. The launch of Rebar Technology as a standalone business allows us to also deliver technology solutions that extend other software solutions or solve specific client problems,” Pat Raycroft, partner at W. Capra Consulting Group, said.

Nick Fredrick, previously general manager of strategic business solutions at W. Capra, will lead Rebar. “Nick’s years of payments knowledge combined with leadership experience in finance, operations, and IT makes him the perfect fit to lead Rebar Technology,” said Mike Streams, partner at W. Capra. “We’re very excited about the team that’s been assembled and further leveraging the expertise of W. Capra consultants to deliver new products and services through Rebar Technology.”