US most advanced country in 3D printing, research shows

25 November 2019 2 min. read
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Research from consultancy Savanta Group and 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker shows that the US has the most potential for implementing and reaping the benefits of 3D printing technology.

Based on more than 2,500 interviews with professionals from a range of industries, as well as macro-economic analysis, the first “3D Printing Sentiment Index” measures nations’ 3D printing savvy by examining five factors: market awareness, adoption and install base, 3D printing growth indicators, perceived future impact and optimism, and technology infrastructure and ease of adoption. The US tops the index, thanks to its size, technological maturity, and growth prospects.

"Sentiments are the start of a domino effect," Rohit Jhamb, director of global research and analytics at Ultimaker, said. "Positive sentiments lead to positive behavior and investments, resulting in a future of significant and sustainable growth.”

Sixty-seven percent of global respondents are aware of the terms “3D printing” and “additive manufacturing” – a term that describes the layer-upon-layer process of 3D printing ­– and 65% believe the technology can “revolutionize” their industry.

US most advanced country in 3D printing, research shows

The numbers see a rather significant jump when solely considering American respondents. There, 87% believe that 3D printing offers “extensive benefits” in realizing new concepts and ideas, with 77% of 3D printing users using the technology to create prototypes.

The US ranks third in market awareness, behind the Netherlands and Switzerland, and second in adoption, behind China, where 53% of businesses have adopted 3D printing and 11% have used it for more than five years.

“This research is the widest and most in-depth in terms of coverage that combines end customer voice with macro-economic indicators,” Jhamb said. “It offers a complete view of the current ecosystem and future growth potential for 3D printing and shows that we have moved past the hype often associated with 3D printing. For potential stakeholders who haven't embraced the additive manufacturing market and are hesitant about entering, this Index shows they should be unafraid to contribute and can expect a healthy return on that contribution."

Ultimaker is based in the Netherlands, but also operates out of offices in New York, Boston, and Singapore. It employs more than 400 people and was founded in 2011.