Global luxury lifestyle consultancy Lynch Clarke Advisors launches

12 December 2019 2 min. read
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Led by real-estate business advisors Harold Clarke and James Lynch, Lynch Clarke Advisors has officially launched. The firm is a global real estate consultancy serving the luxury lifestyle market and targeting ultra-high-net-worth clients. Clarke and Lynch will act as partners, based in Honolulu, Hawaii, where the firm is also headquartered.

Central to Lynch Clarke’s operations will be its dedication to discretion and security. It also promises its clients a personal service approach, no matter their location around the globe. The firm will leverage a custom-built platform that was originally developed for wealth and asset managers. Users must first qualify to use the platform, and are then shown properties on a case-by-case basis, depending on user-specific data and criteria.

Both Clarke and Lynch have decades of high-end real estate expertise, with Clarke representing the largest inventory by dollar volume in the state of Hawaii. With the launch of his new firm, he has begun to focus on a global outlook.

Global luxury lifestyle consultancy Lynch Clarke Advisors launches

"Years of experience facilitating some of the largest deals at the highest levels made it clear that a new approach is needed for ultra-prime, trophy properties," Clarke said. "Our business is designed to provide the most selective clients on the planet with a trusted partner on whom they can rely for unvarnished advice on truly exquisite properties, saving them time and protecting their anonymity above all else." 

Lynch, meanwhile, is a founding vice-president of Playground, the global real estate group of Intrawest Corporation, the largest developer and operator of resort properties in North America. There, Lynch managed more than 40 projects that brought in more than $6 billion in revenue annually via real estate sales.  

"Offering privileged access to extraordinary investment opportunities that no one else knows about simply requires a higher standard of expertise and care," Lynch said. "Our mission is to identify the absolute best choices for our clients according to their needs and curate properties that are more akin to works of art than real estate, delivering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to them with unmatched discretion."