Edgeworth Economics forms new data analytics company

17 December 2019 Consulting.us 2 min. read
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Edgeworth Economics, a Washington, DC–headquartered economic and quantitative consulting firm, has launched sister company Edgeworth Analytics to help clients tackle data analysis challenges across business functions.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. John Johnson, Edgeworth Economics delivers economic analysis and expert testimony to clients facing litigation and regulatory challenges. The firm’s team of economists, statisticians, data analysts, and other professionals help law firms, Fortune 500s, and government agencies navigate complex legal disputes and other challenges. Edgeworth has offices in Washington, DC; Pasadena, CA; and Toronto, Canada.

As part of its core consulting work, Edgeworth has to communicate highly technical concepts in a clear manner to corporate leaders, juries, and judges. The firm also delivers insights from the analytical work of PhD-level economists and statisticians.

Edgeworth Economics will be harness those two competencies to launch a new data analytics firm. Edgeworth Analytics will offer training and consulting on data and statistical concepts to optimize day-to-day business services such as human resources and marketing.

Edgeworth Economics forms new data analytics company

“Data is vital. Efficient, effective, accurate analysis of data is more critical than ever for running an organization and ensuring its key functions are nimble, responsive, and contributing to the greatest possible return on investment,” said Johnson.

Edgeworth Analytics will look to tap into growing demand for data analysis as companies become increasingly overwhelmed by their information volumes. HR functions, for example, are having more trouble keeping up with data flows and effectively analyzing it to boost performance. Edgeworth will advise clients on data gathering methods, organization, analysis, and application, in order to drive stronger operational performance.

The firm’s teaching program, meanwhile, will help professionals get more comfortable with data and better understand dashboards and key performance indicators.

Bill Ford, Edgeworth’s director of strategy, will oversee the operations of the new analytics firm. Ford has extensive experience in product development and financial consulting, and has worked with numerous clients to develop insights from data and provide them with effective tools and training.

Ford was a previously a product manager at investment firm Cambridge Associates and a market intelligence and reporting solutions manager at Microfinance Information Exchange. He holds an MBA from Yale University and BA from Colby College.