Two Labs acquires pharma consultancy Ceek Enterprises

07 February 2020 2 min. read

Pharma services company Two Labs has announced the acquisition of management consultancy Ceek (stylized as “CEEK”) Enterprises. The sale was finalized on February 3. Ceek will maintain its regional offices, as well as its Boston headquarters. Full terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

Ceek works with clients in the biopharma and medical technology industries, focusing on corporate development, commercial strategy, clinical development, and medical affairs. Two Labs offers market access, market intelligence, and commercialization services to pharmaceutical manufacturers. The acquisition allows Two Labs to expand its commercial pre-launch and launch capabilities during the pharmaceutical development process.

"As Two Labs continues on a path of growth, this partnership with Ceek makes sense from a client services standpoint, and from a values standpoint," Howard Miller, general manager at Two Labs, said. "At our core, we remain committed to the patient, and Ceek’s unique clinical development and medical affairs capabilities, combined with their early stage commercial and corporate strategy, enables our clients to better understand which products and indications are more likely to be successfully researched and commercialized. After learning about the tailored approach they use with their customers, we felt confident that Ceek was the perfect addition the Two Labs team."

Two Labs acquires pharma consultancy Ceek Enterprises

Two Labs was founded in 2003. It has launched more than 200 products and worked on more than 290 in-market projects. It is headquartered in Powell, Ohio. Ceek works with companies of all sizes, from “Top 5” biopharma companies to start-ups.

"This new relationship with Two Labs affirms everything that Ceek has worked towards for the last five years," Darius Naigamwalla, president at Ceek, said. "Above all, we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience while staying committed to our family of employees. I've admired the Two Labs organization for years, as they share our values and high standards of excellence. Moving forward, the combined organization will be able to create new and innovative solutions to address critical challenges facing the biopharma industry."