Winbourne Consulting partners with digital 911 platform developer Carbyne

27 June 2018 3 min. read

DC-based public safety management and technology consultancy Winbourne Consulting has teamed up with Next Generation 911 (NG911) platform provider Carbyne. Winbourne will now help its clients integrate Carbyne’s leading NG911 call handling platform – which integrates real-time smartphone- enabled video, texting, and accurate location pinpointing.

The shift of emergency callers from landline telephones to wireless smartphones has left emergency services operators less able to accurately pinpoint the location of callers. As well, emergency services aren’t yet fully leveraging the ability of smartphone technology to provide video and GPS locations.

The two biggest resource drains on dispatchers are an unreliable locating system and overwhelming numbers of false reports. Next Generation 911 (or NG911) networks aim to replace narrow 911 networks that only carry voice and limited data with a faster system that integrates digital information including videos, text messages, and accurate location services.

One of the leading providers of NG911 platforms is Tel-Aviv-based Carbyne (formerly Reporty). The company provides a call handling platform that delivers smart data to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), allowing emergency call takers to process what’s happening in real time – reducing incorrect dispatches (and costs), slashing time to dispatch, and saving lives. The Carbyne platform can pinpoint emergency calls to within a foot radius, even within a building, while also giving callers to ability to livestream emergency events in real-time.Winbourne Consulting partners with digital 911 platform developer CarbyneNow, public safety management and technology consultancy Winbourne Consulting has announced a partnership with Carbyne. The Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm has an 18-year track record of supporting the private and public sector in the planning, design, and implementation of 911 systems. Winbourne’s recent clients include the City of Cleveland, The State of New Jersey, and the US Navy. In addition to its DC headquarters, the firm also has an office in Phoenix, AZ.

Winbourne will now help their clients integrate Carbyne’s leading-edge platform into their emergency response infrastructure, allowing them to better manage and prioritize incoming calls through the integration of accurate location tracking, texting, video, and other real-time data. Carbyne’s IP-based communication features require no extra app installation on user smartphones.

"We are thrilled to pair our advanced technology with one of the most forward-thinking 911 consulting firms in the industry," commented Carbyne CEO and Co-Founder Amir Elichai. "We look forward to working with Winbourne to provide emergency service providers across the U.S. with the most advanced NG911 solutions in the marketplace today. By collaborating and pairing our areas of expertise, we can ensure not only that the best technology is available in emergency call centers throughout the country, but also that the technology is leveraged effectively to save as many lives as possible."

Founded in 2014, Carbyne has offices in New York, Mexico City, and Kiev, in addition to its Tel-Aviv headquarters. The firm’s clients have included Mexico City, Nice, and the Giro d’Italia bike race.

The Carbyne-Winbourne partnership will see its inaugural project in Fayette County, GA, where Carbyne was recently tapped to provide NG911 call handling services over the next seven years. The project will launch in fall of 2018.

"Winbourne Consulting is excited to be part of Carbyne's innovative approach to Next Generation 911, and to provide our public safety experience to guide Fayette County in optimizing Carbyne's services," concluded Winbourne Consulting CEO Jeff Winbourne.