KSM Consulting rebrands as ‘Resultant’

18 May 2021 Consulting.us 2 min. read
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KSM Consulting, an Indianapolis-based management and technology consulting firm, has rebranded as Resultant.

The strategic rebrand includes a new name, logo, brand identity, and website.

The logo colors incorporate blue and white, and the new website follows a similar color scheme. The brand’s new logo utilizes a handwritten-style font – a fairly uncommon choice in professional services. The firm has decided to go a step further than the typical switch to a sans serif font that most consultancy rebrands opt for.

On the surface, the new brand name could seem like the combination of “results” and “consultant.” Resultant, however, is also an infrequently used adjective (often eschewed in favor of “resulting”) meaning “occurring or produced as a result or consequence of something,” according to Oxford Dictionary. Resultant is also a technical term in physics and music theory.

KSM Consulting rebrands as ‘Resultant’

“The new brand represents the firm's people-centric culture and approach to delivering positive client outcomes,” stated a release from the firm.

The brand refresh follows the company’s acquisition by Investcorp, a Bahrain-based global manager of alternative investments, earlier this year.

KSM Consulting was founded in 2008 as the consulting arm of Katz, Sapper & Miller, an Indianapolis accountancy. The firm was in 2019 acquired by Renovus Capital Partners, whose backing allowed the company to expand from fewer than 100 people in Indianapolis to more than 300 people nationwide. The expansion included three bolt-on acquisitions.

Renovus retained a minority stake after Investcorp acquired a majority of KSM Consulting.

Resultant provides consulting services in management consulting, data analytics, and technology to public and private sector clients. The firm has offices in Indianapolis, Indiana; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Columbus, Ohio; Lansing, Michigan; and Denver, Colorado.

The consulting firm has strategic plans to expand to more than ten cities and employ 1,000 people by 2025.

"We've spent 13 years building a company we're proud of, and we're so excited to have developed a unique brand identity that represents who we are and how we make a difference for our clients and communities," said Mark Caswell, CEO of Resultant. "This brand is reflective of the company we've been building for years, representing how we think great consulting is performed, blending both the deeply technical and the deeply human."