Booz Allen makes strategic investment in Latent AI

14 July 2021 2 min. read
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Technology consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton has made a strategic investment in Latent AI, a Silicon Valley startup focusing on software tools that enable edge artificial intelligence – the processing of AI algorithms on user devices.

Latent AI spun off from SRI International, an American non-profit scientific research institute, in 2018. Funded by investors including Future Ventures and Perot Jain, the firm was named the 2020 Startup of the Year by IoT World.

The firm provides technology that simplifies and accelerates traditional AI workflows – from model training to optimization and deployment – and enables more robust and efficient internet of things (IoT) applications.

Latent AI offers an edge AI development platform that optimizes compute, memory allocation, and energy consumption of user devices without requiring changes to existing infrastructure or systems.Booz Allen makes strategic investment in Latent AIFor military applications, Latent AI allows for the more effective deployment and running of AI and machine learning models that provide an advantage in situational awareness.

“To fully leverage a force that is interconnected and information-advantaged, defense organizations need optimized, scalable AI and data compression at the tactical edge,” said Steve Escaravage, senior vice president at Booz Allen. “Booz Allen’s investment in Latent AI will help enable our clients to implement ML models on small form factor chip-sets and into highly sought-after end user devices, which will increase AI adoption and return on investment.”

Booz Allen is one of the largest providers of AI services to the federal government, including advanced AI, ML, and data architecture technology, services, and strategies. The McLean, VA-based firm last year won a five-year, $800-million contract to deliver AI services to the DoD’s Joint AI Center (JAIC).

“Both Latent AI and Booz Allen are dedicated to helping organizations achieve significantly more with their AI systems, and we are excited to have Booz Allen as an investor and partner as we pave the path forward to a smarter edge,” said Jags Kandasamy, co-founder and CEO of Latent AI.