Servian founder to build 1,000-strong US cloud consultancy Vivanti

22 December 2021 3 min. read
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Australian entrepreneur, Tony Nicol, has launched a new data-focused cloud consulting business in the US. Named ‘Vivanti’, the company aims to “reimagine” the US tech consulting sector with its client-first, consultant-led approach.

Fresh from the sale of Servian – Australia’s largest data consultancy, which he founded in 2008 and sold to Cognizant in January this year – Nicol said that Vivanti would introduce a new standard of professional governance to the US market.

“As an industry, cloud consulting lacks a uniform set of operating guidelines,” said Nicol. “It’s not bound to a code of ethics, or set of overriding obligations, like well-defined professions that govern legal and medical experts. Vivanti’s mission is to change that.

Servian founder to build 1,000-strong US cloud consultancy Vivanti

“Our position is simple: Vivanti consultants must be professionally loyal to their clients during each step of every engagement -- just as a doctor or lawyer would be. This ethical framework will bring a new level of professional integrity to the cloud consulting space, improving the industry for the people it serves and those who work within it.”

Vivanti’s practice areas include Cloud Data Services, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Engagement and a broad range of data capabilities – from design and architecture, data migration and transformation, as well as the delivery of actionable insights through machine learning and advanced analytics.

Vivanti’s head office is based in Manhattan,  New York City, with a second location in Washington DC. Vivanti and its consultants work with the industry’s major cloud players, including the likes of Amazon Web Services, Snowflake, Google Cloud, HashiCorp and Microsoft Azure.

“Before Vivanti, I spent 14-years building Servian – a 900-person-strong cloud consultancy – from the ground up,” said Nicol. “I learnt one thing above all else: Cultivating trusted interpersonal relationships with clients is critical to success. That’s why I believe in the concept of total empowerment, which we’re bringing to the forefront of the US consulting industry.”

“For Vivanti consultants, this means backing them to put the client’s needs front-and-center at every stage of each engagement. We organizationally empower our people to act in the best interests of our clients; irrespective of what that means for VIvanti. For clients, it means the knowledge and peace-of-mind that our people enter into every interaction with a client-first mindset. Our priorities are always aligned.”

“It’s this philosophy of total empowerment that will enable us to create a network of 1000-plus consultants across the US. Vivanti aspires to be the new home for the best minds in cloud and data technology.”

Vivanti’s growth strategy comprises a three-pronged approach, including consultant recruitment campaigns, strong channel partnerships, and the proactive pursuit of acquisition opportunities.

More information? Watch the below video to find out more about Vivanti’s launch in the US:

According to recent research by Accenture (a major player in the cloud consulting scene), companies that embrace cloud-driven operating model tend to outperform their rivals on a range of financial and operational metrics.