McKinsey, BCG and Bain bosses respond to Russia's criminal aggression

28 February 2022 5 min. read

Following what has been described by the global community as outright criminal aggression of Moscow, the leaders of the world’s three most influential strategic consulting firms have condemned the actions of Russia’s government.

Condemning the developments in the Russia-Ukraine war, Bob Sternfels (McKinsey & Company), Christoph Schweizer (Boston Consulting Group) and Manny Maceda (Bain & Company) have all taken to LinkedIn to outline their views on the matter, and how how their firms are responding.

The leaders of the ‘MBB’ also laid out their policy to no longer work for Russian government entities and said they would review their entire consulting portfolio in Russia.

Bob Strnfels, Christoph Schweizer and Manny Maceda

The full posts of Bob Sternfels, Christoph Schweizer and Manny Maceda can be found below:

Bob Sternfels

Global Managing Partner at McKinsey & Company

I am appalled by the Russian government’s brutal and senseless invasion of Ukraine. And horrified by what I see on the news hourly, and the stories I hear from colleagues who live in or have family in Ukraine.

I also shared how much I admire the way our colleagues, especially those in Ukraine and Europe, have pulled together to help in whatever small ways we can. Our firm has worked 24/7 to ensure the safety of our Ukraine-based colleagues and their families, and they remain front and center in my thoughts. The global McKinsey community, including our Russian colleagues, has been supporting relief efforts.

In addition to abiding by our own stringent client service policies, and further international sanctions that are enacted, our firm will no longer serve any government entity in Russia. We have always been thoughtful about our work in Russia, and we currently do not serve the central government, but after the indefensible actions its government has taken, we have taken this further step.

We stand with Ukraine today and will continue to do whatever we can to support their people, including our Ukrainian colleagues and those who have family and loved ones in the country.

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Christoph Schweizer

Chief Executive Officer at Boston Consulting Group

I am horrified by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as a father and as a BCG’er with many team members directly impacted and in danger in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Russia and nearby countries. I speak for all of BCG when I say we condemn this attack and the violence that is killing, wounding and displacing so many people.

Our first priority is the safety of all BCG’ers – and we are actively supporting all our people who are affected by this tragedy.

I am touched by the many initiatives of our teams around the world, in particular by our team in Central Eastern Europe that is organizing relief efforts. We are supporting these teams and are investing significant resources. Consistent with our long-standing partnerships, we are committed to working with the World Food Program and Save the Children to support the people of Ukraine. We are also committed to supporting governments in nearby countries with their humanitarian efforts.

Regarding our work in Russia: The business context in the country is unique and complex. We see this clearly. We have strict guidelines regarding all client work to ensure it is fully in line with our purpose and values. We have always applied these diligently in Russia, including rigorously respecting international sanctions. We are not working for the central government in Russia. In light of the ongoing war, we will not take on any work for the government, and we are thoroughly evaluating our entire portfolio of work in Russia.

Like so many of you, I feel pain and profound sadness, but I have been heartened to see leaders speak out against the invasion. This is a dramatic moment in history—and BCG stands with Ukraine and all those affected by this war.

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Manny Maceda

Global Managing Partner at Bain & Company

Today, I shared a note with my global colleagues condemning Russia’s senseless and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Like millions around the world, I am angered and frightened by the gravity of this aggression and the tragedy of these world events. I’ve been moved by notes and personal stories shared by my colleagues, and I am proud of the widespread support across our firm for standing up for what is right.

We are deeply concerned for the safety of the people of Ukraine and our colleagues in Kyiv. We have teams working around the clock to ensure the safety of our Kyiv-based team members and their families, as well as the families of Ukrainian citizens across our organization.

In 2020, we made the decision to not work for the Russian government at any level – central, state, or departmental – and also not to work with companies in specific industries, including military and intelligence.

Our client base in Russia is a mix of multinationals and Russian companies. Some of our Russian clients are partially state-owned. At Bain, we have high standards and clear processes to ensure our work around the world is consistent with our mission and values. Given the current events, we are re-evaluating our work in Russia to ensure it meets that standard and to adhere to international sanctions.

Everything we will do – from our decision-making to our communications – will be guided first and foremost by ensuring the safety and security of our local teams in Kyiv and Moscow.

We stand with the people of Ukraine and call for a swift and peaceful end to this devastating event.