McKinsey & Company plans to nearly double Atlanta workforce by 2025

12 July 2022 2 min. read
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Management consultancy McKinsey & Company last week announced plans to expand its Atlanta workforce from 800 to 1,500 people by 2025. The expansion plans include the opening of a second Atlanta location in 2023, the creation of a technology and innovation hub, and the recent re-launch of a digital capability center.

The technology and innovation hub combines two of the New York-headquartered consulting firm’s groups: its client capabilities network (CCN) and its tech ecosystem group. The CCN comprises remote and in-person experts who support clients with solutions, frameworks, and diagnostics. The tech ecosystem is made up of experts who build and run McKinsey’s internal digital capabilities – covering cloud, security, and optimizing internal and client technologies.

Formally re-launched in May, the digital capability center is a facility that provides clients with the knowledge and skills to adopt next-gen digital technologies. It houses the firm’s design-to-value lab, which helps clients improve the performance of products and services.

McKinsey & Company plans to nearly double Atlanta workforce by 2025

“Aligning tech and consulting in one location gives us the opportunity to deeply integrate and bring the best of our firm to our clients," said Tiffany Burns, senior partner and leader of the Atlanta office. " We have teams focused on sustainability, building businesses, working with organizations to upskill and reskill their people, and helping with transformations across a variety of industries and functions."

McKinsey also said the Atlanta expansion will help it achieve its corporate DEI goals. The Georgia capital has a 51% Black population, is home to several historically Black colleges and universities, and has a large LGBT+ community. According to a recent report from McKinsey, moving business to locations with a strong Black workforce can be an effective way to combat underrepresentation in senior-level roles.

“Two years ago, we made a commitment to expand and create a modern and diverse tech workforce. We knew this would mean hiring hundreds of new colleagues," said Steve Reis, a senior partner who previously led McKinsey's Atlanta office for four years. "As we looked at cities across the globe, Atlanta had a magical mix of both diversity and a large pool of tech talent from nearby universities, including four historically Black colleges and universities."

McKinsey has had an Atlanta location for nearly 45 years. The consulting firm has more than 38,000 people across 67 countries.

McKinsey recently acquired Caserta, a New York-based data analytics consulting and implementation firm, in a deal that added nearly 50 data engineers, architects, and strategists.