Factum Global and Blackpol Colombia form strategic alliance

03 March 2023 Consulting.us 2 min. read

International consultancies Factum Global and Blackpol Colombia have formed a strategic alliance to support Colombian businesses and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) seeking to invest in and expand operations into the United States.

Colombians in 2022 invested abroad at a record increase of 47% from 2021, according to the Central Bank of Colombia. The capital flight comes amid severe and still-rising inflation the country’s central bank failed to address with timely interest rate hikes. Colombian GDP is expected to see little to no growth this year.

Businesses and HNWIs are also wary of the country’s first avowedly left-wing president – Gustavo Petro – who has ambitious plans for land reform, peace with illegal armed groups, a shift to green energy, and reforms for healthcare, pensions, and labor laws. Critics are concerned about a potential weakening of rule of law and the economy.

The above factors have wealthy Colombians increasingly seeking to park their capital and potentially expand business operations in safer havens such as the United States.

Factum Global and Blackpol Colombia form strategic alliance

Factum Global and Blackpol Colombia’s strategic partnership will allow them to serve as one-stop shop for Colombians looking to diversify in the US – from establishing legal business entities to opening bank accounts, forming global business strategy, conducting market research, and managing tax and regulatory requirements.

Blackpol Colombia has offices in Colombia, Mexico, and Spain. The firm provides legal, tax, and business services to companies, investment funds, and individuals pursuing international expansion.

Factum was founded in 2018 in Washington, DC and advises organizations on global expansion. The company’s offerings include global strategy development, discovery and market research, transformation and change management, and new market solutions and connections.

The firm’s founder and CEO – Francisco Gomez – previously served as director of global strategy and market development at the American Chemical Society (ACS). A native of Colombia, Gomez was also previously a consultant at G&G Consulting, where he focused on strategic planning and organizational effectiveness.

“Today, Colombian citizens and business executives are more worried about managing their risk than ever before,” Gomez said. “We are excited to build this strategic alliance with Blackpol to provide a comprehensive, local solution to those seeking to strategically diversify their risk by establishing themselves or their businesses in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world.”

Alberto Fernandez, managing director of Blackpol Colombia, added, "Our new strategic partnership with Factum Global, based in Washington D.C., allows us to offer our clients local experts to help them expand their market opportunity or manage their risk by investing in the United States during these times of uncertainty.”