Transom Consulting Group rebrands as Actionist Consulting

04 April 2023 1 min. read
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Transom Consulting Group, a Los Angeles-based management consulting firm, has rebranded as Actionist Consulting.

Alongside the new name, the firm has also adopted a new visual identity and website.

Transom's brand colors were orange and black, and the logo image looked like an orange slice or a sunrise. The "Transom" name was at best vague, and at worst evoked the word "ransom."

The new Actionist brand uses dark purple and incorporates a logo image of three levels of stacked boxes or steps, implying upward progress.

"We chose Actionist as our new name because we are action-oriented advisors and strategists, committed to practical insights and progress, not PowerPoint," said David Ascher, the firm's founder and managing partner. "The Actionist brand embodies our mission to create more impact, on a pound-for-pound basis, than any other consulting firm."

Transom Consulting Group rebrands as Actionist Consulting

The consultancy says it has grown its headcount and capabilities significantly in the last few years, opening several new practice areas.

Actionist has 31 professionals delivering consulting in areas including strategic planning, new market entry, pricing, sales channel optimization, organizational design, operating model, culture and change management, talent management, M&A advisory, post-merger integration, and cost transformation.

The firm works with consumer and retail, financial services, manufacturing, investment firm, business services, and technology sector clients.

"Our seasoned consultants combine expertise, analytics, creativity, and an action orientation to help clients achieve great outcomes," said Felix Recht, partner and head of the institutional investors practice.