Credera launches artificial intelligence council

21 July 2023 2 min. read

Credera, the consulting business of marketing group Omnicom, has launched a global artificial intelligence (AI) council.

The council – which is composed of leading experts, policymakers, industry leaders, and academics – will serve as a “collective intelligence hub” to address various aspects of AI adoption, according to Credera.

The AI council aims to foster collaboration and shape the responsible deployment of AI, with foundational values of accountability, belonging, education, sustainability, community engagement, and governance.

“This group of unique backgrounds and training are needed to meet the challenges of this new paradigm and shape the resulting landscape," said Vincent Yates, Credera’s chief data scientist and founder of the AI council. "This dynamic and talented group will tackle some of the biggest questions around AI ranging from innovation, ethics, regulation, security, talent, and technology."

The other members of the council are: Adam Floyd, retired federal patent judge, USPTO; Trisha Meyer. professor of digital governance, Brussels School of Governance; Tia White, general manager of AI/ML marketing intelligence, AWS; JoAnn Stonier, chief data officer, Mastercard; Ryan Johnson, senior director of data & AI, GoGuardian; Cecilia Dones, adjunct assistant professor, Columbia Business School; and Alisa Miller, CEO, Pluralytics.

Credera launches artificial intelligence council

The council launch is part of Credera’s expansion of AI solutions to accelerate business and marketing transformation for clients and within parent company Omnicom – which acquired the Dallas-based firm in 2018.

Credera’s recent AI-focused engagements include working with a pharma firm to implement AI-powered DTC marketing to realize a 30% bump in ROI and a 46% increase in efficiency. Credera also helped a national lender implement a machine-learning-driven platform to scale their business – resulting in a 219% increase in profits/earnings ratio.

"We are committed to continued excellence through AI with our global, boutique approach," said Credera's global CEO Justin Bell. "We tailor each solution to the specific client needs while also facing each challenge with the expertise and holistic thinking of a full-service, global consulting firm."

Credera says it is also making investments to train and upskill its workforce in AI to make it the core foundation of consulting offerings.

Founded in 1999, the firm has nearly 4,000 people across offices in 16 countries. Credera provides services in strategy, transformation, AI, data, and technology to clients in a wide range of industries.