PA Consulting expands Microsoft partnership to power AI transformation

21 September 2023 2 min. read

PA Consulting, an innovation and transformation consulting firm, on Wednesday announced a deepened collaboration with Microsoft to support artificial intelligence transformations.

The expanded partnership will enable PA Consulting to help clients integrate AI into their processes and maximize ROI from related investments.

PA is already piloting AI features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales in its internal platforms to find new use cases for clients.

“It’s great to be at the forefront of applying AI to our internal processes and to see the real potential it offers to make both our teams and our customers become more competitive,” said Rina Ladva, global head of alliances, PA Consulting.

PA Consulting expands Microsoft partnership to power AI transformation

Sales Copilot, for example, generates email replies and suggests meeting times to improve communications with clients – and improve productivity and effectiveness of sales teams.

Microsoft is also a primary investor in OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service integrates the startup’s popular tools for enterprise contexts.

“Our deep relationship with Microsoft means we can unlock the true potential of AI. It enables us to provide transformational benefits for our clients and we are delighted to be working with Microsoft on this strategic initiative,” said Alwin Magimay, global head of AI, PA Consulting.

PA is currently working on various projects to harness AI for its clients in diverse sectors. The firm’s AI Insight accelerator – powered by Azure – automatically detects relevant content to help employees spend less time reviewing dense technical documentation. Such a tool is particularly useful for compliance teams in industries that must adapt processes to frequent regulatory changes.

“We’re thrilled to deepen our collaboration with PA. By combining the power of Microsoft’s AI capabilities with PA's industry expertise and passion, we’re able to deliver transformative AI solutions that will help organizations achieve more,” said Sophie Gray, head of Microsoft business solutions, UK.

Various large consulting firms have this year announced sizable investments into AI capabilities, with the centerpiece frequently being an expanded partnership with Microsoft. Recent examples include Bain & Company, PwC, and Accenture.