RSM US partners with data protection not-for-profit Sheltered Harbor

11 January 2019 2 min. read
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Mid-market accounting and consulting firm RSM US has joined Sheltered Harbor as an alliance partner, serving in an assurance and advisory capacity.

A not-for-profit subsidiary of Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), Sheltered Harbor is an industry-led effort designed to help financial services firms protect and recover customer account data in the event of a catastrophic event (e.g. cyberattack). Membership is open to U.S. banks, credit unions, broker-dealers, asset managers, and service providers of all sizes. Sheltered Harbor currently has a critical mass of industry adoption.

Organization membership consists of three pillars. First, institutions have to back up critical customer data each night in the Sheltered Harbor standard format. Second, participants have to prepare business and technical plans and processes to be enacted if all other options to restore data – including backups – have failed. Finally, on successful implementation, participants can achieve Sheltered Harbor Certification – which requires prescribed internal controls and compliance audits.

RSM partners with data backup not-for-profit Sheltered Harbor

As a new member of the alliance partner community, RSM US will help Sheltered Harbor participants plan, design, implement, and adhere to Sheltered Harbor’s standards for resiliency.

“We believe that our financial services knowledge combined with our focus on serving middle market clients puts us in a unique position to strategically advance Sheltered Harbor’s mission,” said John Brackett, national leader of risk advisory services at RSM US LLP. “With deep experience serving financial services organizations, we understand the challenging environment these organizations face. Managing risk is a significant component of any successful business plan, and we look forward to helping organizations pursue this certification.”

Joining Sheltered Harbor gives financial services participants access to support content and implementation experts, as well as a path to certification – and the more robust cybersecurity found therein.

“We’re proud to join other industry thought leaders in Sheltered Harbor’s alliance partner community,” commented Hussain Hasan, national leader of technology risk consulting at RSM US LLP. “We guide our clients on the most critical technology issues affecting their businesses, and believe it’s imperative that all financial services companies take proactive steps to maintain the security of their most valuable information assets, such as customer account data.”

“By taking advantage of the Sheltered Harbor solution, financial services firms are not only protecting themselves, but are further strengthening the industry’s resiliency capabilities,” Hasan added.