Protiviti's 'i on Hunger' initiative reaches 10 million meals worldwide

05 December 2019 2 min. read
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As the holiday season rolls in, consulting firm Protiviti announced that its “i on Hunger” corporate social responsibility initiative has reached a cumulative total of 10 million meals. The program was launched in 2014, and provides meals for the hungry across the globe.

The “i on Hunger” program was launched in 2014 as a response to employee calls for an impactful approach to charitable efforts. The program was soon expanded to include collaboration with nonprofit partners, volunteers from client organizations, and students from on-campus recruitment events.

The programs sees Protiviti employees work with nonprofits, clients, and other associates to pack, deliver, or serve meals to those in need. Since 2014, Protiviti volunteers have participated in 645 “i on Hunger” events to reach the 10 million meal milestone.

In total, the program has worked with 172 nonprofit partners and 350-plus client organizations across 21 countries.

Protiviti’s ‘i on Hunger’ initiative reaches 10 million meals worldwide

"We cannot thank enough our partners who represent 165 very passionate and capable non-profit organizations worldwide who serve those in need. They are the great difference makers. We also very much appreciate the generous support of over 350 participating client companies,” said Protiviti senior managing director Dan O'Keefe, who conceived and oversees the 'i on Hunger' program.

“We look forward to applying more of Protiviti's know-how over the next several years to help reduce the number of people who become food insecure.”

The program won two awards from Consulting Magazine, both in the “Excellence in Social and Community Investment” category (2015, 2017). The program also won an American Business silver award and a “Best in Biz” silver award for Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year (2018).

Effective corporate social responsibility efforts can get some consumers, especially in younger cohorts, to look more favourably at companies. It can also help with recruitment and retention efforts.

According to Fortune’s 2019 Best Companies to Work For survey, 95% of Protiviti employees said they “feel good about the ways they contribute to the community.”