Sapper Consulting launches AI platform

21 February 2020 2 min. read

Business development consultancy Sapper Consulting has announced the launch of artificial intelligence (AI) platform Regie. Regie will assist Sapper Consulting’s clients in the faster creation of outbound campaigns by building customer-targeted messaging based on performance data, market research, and best practices.

"The rise of sales engagement and enablement platforms has transformed the way companies sell. Whether you're a prospecting expert or a green business development representative, it's never been easier to sequence the perfect message to the perfect person at the perfect time," TJ Macke, senior vice president of strategy for Sapper Consulting, said. "However, the average campaign or sequence can take over eight hours to build. It's a process that requires time, research, and market knowledge. This is why we built Regie."

Sapper Consulting launches AI platform

Regie currently utilizes more than 1 billion row of performance data in 80 industries. The platform gives its users access to multiple campaign designs such as email-only and multichannel; buyer persona data and frameworks; assistance on the creation of effective value propositions; content variables from successful past campaigns; and automated campaign creation. It allows Sapper Consulting’s clients to decrease campaign creation time to minutes, resulting in increased sales meetings and a decreased time-to-value for new campaigns.

"Too many companies are investing thousands of dollars in sales engagement and enablement technology and then rolling the dice on content written by the vice president of sales or, worse, a new employee," Jeff Winters, CEO and founder of Sapper Consulting, said. "The future of sales enablement is AI-recommended content that helps promote best practices and drive more engagement — all while taking less time.”

Along with Regie’s launch, Sapper Consulting has also announced the appointment of Matt Millen as the firm’s chief growth officer. Millen has worked as senior vice president of sales at, as well as vice president of sales at both T-Mobile and Tony Robbins.

Sapper Consulting currently manages more than 600 active campaigns. It is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.