KPMG Advisory launches performance improvement offering Elevate

13 November 2020 2 min. read
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KPMG US has unveiled “Elevate” – the firm’s “next generation” performance improvement offering. Elevate combines proprietary data-driven insights with industry expertise to boost performance, optimize costs, and make a rapid and sustained EBITDA impact.

The Elevate offering brings together thousands of industry-focused practitioners and hundreds of data scientists, and is powered by the KPMG Intelligence Platform – a next-generation data analytics capability.

Elevate focuses on three areas to achieve results, according to Scott Rankin, advisory leader for consumer & retail and head of Elevate. First, the offering uses data and analytics to make sure efforts are focused on the product channels and customers that matter most – and deliver the most profit. Second, Elevate creates a bottom-up view of every line item to improve efficiency across procurement, logistics, inventory, and supply chain. Third, the KPMG offering frees up cash to invest in areas necessary for long-term growth – usually digitalization.

KPMG Advisory launches performance improvement offering Elevate

“Leading companies elevate… elevate to meet the challenge… elevate their performance to the next level… elevate to a new reality,” states a video advertisement promoting KPMG Elevate. “This means harnessing knowledge, developing a realistic plan, and having the will to make change happen.”

The consulting firm believes the holistic, data-informed approach will improve the batting average on transformation efforts. “Historically, almost three-quarters of business transformation initiatives fail to reach their margin and revenue goals," Rankin said. "By leveraging industry expertise at scale, Elevate offers businesses a unique opportunity to transform within the new reality."

KPMG highlighted a recent positive Elevate engagement with a large consumer goods manufacturer which had seen declining sales and depressed profits even pre-pandemic. KPMG says its was able to help the company improve EBITDA by more than 25%, optimize operating expenses, and streamline the organization – as well as implement a new e-commerce platform to boost sales.

“Disruptive competition has been a trend for many years, and companies must remain vigilant about driving greater efficiency from the front through the entire back office,” said Sanjay Sehgal, KPMG Advisory head of markets. “This unique market environment offers a once in a generation opportunity to make dramatic changes quickly."