Ramboll promotes Guy Lewis to COO of Environment & Health business

04 September 2018 Consulting.us 3 min. read
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Ramboll has appointed Guy Lewis, a US-based leader at the engineering consultancy, to the role of Chief Operating Officer of the Environment & Health business. He was previously with Environ, a firm acquired by Ramboll in 2014, and has extensive experience growing environmental and health propositions.

Becoming carbon neutral and sustainable, as well as improving the well-being of staff, is on the agenda of organizations across the globe. Consulting firms have been keen to show that their businesses can be run in a sustainable fashion, with efforts to build sustainable office complexes, electric vehicle fleets, or wider goals of achieving carbon neutral operations. Meanwhile, supporting improvement in staff health has been linked to improved performance – as well as wider social and personal benefits.

Companies seeking to meet their standards for sustainable operation and staff well-being are increasingly turning to the expertise of consulting firms. One such firm is Ramboll, a Denmark-based consultancy that supports clients with engineering, design, project management, and – through its dedicated Environment & Health (E&H) business – with environmental and well-being standards.

When Ramboll purchased Environ in 2014, in a move that saw more than 1,500 professionals join the firm’s global operation, Guy Lewis entered the acquiring firm's ranks as Finance Director of the E&H business. In that role, he was responsible for the financial and administrative operations of the division, which has 2,100 employees and $425 million in annual turnover. Ramboll promotes Guy Lewis to COO of Environment & Health businessPrior to that, Lewis was Environ’s Chief Financial Officer for more than 15 years. The role saw him build up the financial side of the company following the management buyout of the company from Pharmaceutical Product – growing revenues from $50 million to $300 million. He was previously a Director of Finance, and, when the company was part of Applied Bioscience, a Manager of Financial Reporting.

In his new role as Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Ramboll's Environment & Health business, he will based in Arlington, VA. Lewis will guide the global E&H portfolio, including business operations, finance and accounting, tax, information technology, legal, compliance, and business risk and insurance. In addition, the role will see him play a key part in the strategic development of the growth of the E&H business, spanning both organic and inorganic means. He will also continue to serve on the E&H Board of Directors and as a member of the E&H Management Team.

Commenting on the appointment, E&H President and Managing Director Thomas Vetrano, said, “Guy’s unparalleled work ethic, deep knowledge of the inner workings of the global E&H business operations, 25-year tenure with Ramboll and ENVIRON, and outstanding organizational and analytical skills are a huge asset to the company in this new role.”

Guy Lewis holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the McIntire School of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

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