Elixirr partners with generative AI platform Responsum

04 August 2023 Consulting.us 2 min. read
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Management consultancy Elixirr has partnered with Responsum, an Austin-based generative AI acceleration platform.

Founded in 2021 by Steve Steinberg and Adam Hofmann, Responsum helps businesses deploy generative AI solutions without sacrificing security or performance. 

Responsum’s large language models (LLMs) and AI techniques enable businesses to implement solutions using the latest tools such as GPT-4 – helping boost sales team productivity, improve customer experience, streamline access to internal data and reporting, and analyze documents and data at scale.

The AI market is projected to grow twentyfold by 2030 to nearly $2 trillion, and businesses are asking for support in deploying the emerging technology.

Elixirr partners with generative AI platform Responsum

The new partnership will combine Responsum’s LLM technology and AI expertise, Elixirr’s strategic consulting expertise, and iOLAP’s technology and data capabilities to help clients accelerate AI adoption and use it in the most valuable way. 

iOLAP, a Frisco-based data and analytics consultancy, was acquired by Elixirr in March 2022.

“We have been working with Responsum on multiple client engagements in recent months, allowing us to collectively develop solutions that enable our clients to be more productive, accurate, resource-efficient, and really get ahead,” said Stephen Newton, founder and CEO of Elixirr. “Generative AI is undoubtedly here to stay, but we want our clients to embrace it in a way that will generate big results for their business, not just for the sake of innovation. As always, we let client needs drive where we expand and strengthen areas of our firm and collaborating with Responsum supports our continued efforts to do just that.”

Responsum, iOLAP, and Elixirr recently worked together on an AI and machine learning engagement with Lucia Health Guidelines, an advanced clinical decision support tool. The engagement created models that interpreted electrocardiograms (EKGs) at cardiologist-level performance with a 90% success rate.

“A combination of AI and human intelligence is the future of business, allowing teams to do what they do best, and leaving the manual, time-consuming and repetitive tasks to the technology,” said Steve Steinberg, co-founder and CEO of Responsum. “We have introduced AI solutions to a wide range of businesses and industries over the past seven years and are continuously finding new ways to make our clients’ lives easier and organizations more successful. I look forward to doing this on a bigger scale in partnership with Elixirr and iOLAP.”

Elixirr provides consulting across business strategy, M&A, operations, sourcing, change management, regulatory, IT strategy, digital marketing, and digital design, among other areas. The company has offices in the UK, South Africa, and Croatia, as well as US offices in New York, Dallas, and San Francisco.