HealthITq is a ubiquitous platform that simplifies the complex search for healthcare IT talent once and for all.

HealthITq is an agile talent, market-transforming platform for sourcing information technology consultants across all healthcare industry venues to include hospitals, clinics, physicians, software vendors, and recruiters. HealthITq’s mission is to enhance the availability, sustainability, capability, adaptability, and accountability of talent to meet short and long term needs.

HealthITq provides any healthcare industry business entity seeking specific abilities a turnkey solution; qualified consultants matched to specific needs, time-saving software to source them, and the complete back office service to contract.

Matching expert healthcare IT talent to the open positions in healthcare has proven challenging -- until now. Navigating multiple job boards and recruiting agencies in hope of finding talent who can deliver precisely what is needed when it is needed is a thing of the past thanks to HealthITq.

Now for the detailed explanation. As the founder of HealthITq, I have witnessed healthcare organizations missing opportunities to sustain competitiveness due to IT resource limitations such as skill, expertise, availability. Let’s face it, the healthcare industry is complex! With literally thousands of applications and even more distinct technologies available to meet administrative, financial, and clinical technology needs, organization simply can’t keep pace. Couple this complexity with the overarching data security risks and the oppressive regulatory environment and you have the storm.

It is equally challenging for you as a freelance consultant to navigate the myriad opportunities to market your specific skills and expertise. Dealing with job boards that match you to the one word in your bio that you wish you had left out – “did I really say that I worked in a warehouse when I described the warehouse I built for my last client”! You crave independence and you have developed skills and expertise that are much sought after but how do you let the world know you exist when you are sitting in your home office working on your last assignment?