RSM US teams up with Automation Anywhere to bring RPA to mid market

22 October 2018

RSM US has partnered with robotics process automation (RPA) expert Automation Anywhere to deliver RPA solutions to middle market clients in the US.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an increasingly popular technology which takes over repetitive and routine back office processes, doing the work more quickly, more accurately, and without human fatigue. RPA pulls error-prone humans out of mundane tasks like data entry – enhancing productivity, boosting accuracy, and freeing up people to do higher-level tasks.

RPA bots are trained to do a task by watching a user perform it in a graphical user interface (GUI), and then afterwards do the task automatically directly in the GUI. RPA can be further enhanced through the addition of machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language processing cognitive technologies.

Founded in 2003, San Jose-based Automation Anywhere helps businesses unlock the potential of RPA within their operations. Over a thousand organizations use the tech firm’s software bot platform to complete repetitive tasks faster, error-free, and with lower operational costs.

Automation Anywhere’s platform makes real productive impacts for their clients. For example, the firm helped HGS Insurance implement RPA to streamline member enrolment and commercial claims testing processes. In member enrolment, average handling time was reduced from 15 to 10.5 minutes, while reaching 99.97% accuracy in the previously manual entry process where 80% of errors occurred. Meanwhile, the commercial claims process saw average handling time reduced by 40%, with manual effort reduced by 90% and cost savings of 35%.RSM US teams up with Automation Anywhere to bring RPA to mid marketThe tech firm will be teaming up with accounting and consulting firm RSM US to deliver RPA solutions to the American middle market – firms with revenues between $10 million and $1 billion. RSM US is one of the leading professional services firms focusing on the middle market, and is the fifth largest accountancy in the US. It has about 10,000 employees and posts $2.4 billion in annual revenues. In addition to core tax and audit services, RSM provides consulting services in the areas of strategy, risk, transactions, and technology, among others.

Combining RSM’s consulting expertise with Automation Anywhere’s leading tech platform, the pair will provide clients with an end-to-end RPA solution which delivers productivity results fast.

"RSM is thrilled to work with Automation Anywhere to help meet the growing demand for RPA solutions in the middle market," said Chris Wetmore, national RPA lead at RSM. "From its industry expertise to its ease-of-use, Automation Anywhere will enhance our ability to deliver cost-saving RPA solutions to our clients to increase their overall operational efficiency."

RSM will implement its partner’s RPA solutions to help clients across industries revamp their supply chain, finance, and accounting processes. Commenting on the partnership, Anubhav Saxena, Automation Anywhere’s executive VP of Partnerships, Strategy and Operations said, “The consulting experience of RSM, along with their proven technology, RPA, and industry expertise, provide unmatched value for middle market companies in automating business processes."

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Deloitte to collaborate with Google Cloud on raft of new solutions

17 April 2019

Accounting and consulting firm Deloitte will work with Google Cloud to create an array of solutions for the life sciences and healthcare, financial services, and retail sectors. The announcement was made at the annual Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco.

Deloitte has an especially strong partnership with Google Cloud, having been named its Global Services Partner of the Year for two years running. Google Cloud is among the leading enterprise cloud platforms, alongside the offerings of industry heavyweights such as Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM.

Deloitte currently provides a number of industry-specific solutions build on the Google Cloud platform, targeting areas like big data and analytics, machine learning, application services, SAP, and security. Deloitte leverages its existing technology and industry-specific expertise to build solutions on Google’s powerful open-source software. It’s a common exercise for many consulting firms – turning the raw material of a platform or ecosystem into a useful finished product for diverse clients, possibly as part of a wider overall advisory package.Deloitte to collaborate with Google Cloud on raft of new solutionsThe consulting firm will now deliver new Google Cloud solutions to clients in three pivotal sectors. In life sciences and healthcare, Deloitte will offer solutions targeting biomedical research, operations optimization, and healthcare data modernization. Within financial services, the firm will help banking, insurance, and investment management companies convert ideas into profitable strategies though Google’s high-performance computing and applied AI. Deloitte will also offer leading-edge solutions to help detect financial crimes.

The retail sector, meanwhile, will be able to benefit from advanced consumer insights and engagement, more connected supply chains, and efficient and modern commerce infrastructure.

"We are thrilled to make this commitment with Google Cloud to bring the power of its leading technologies to our enterprise clients," Janet Foutty, chair and CEO, Deloitte Consulting and chair-elect, said. "Together, we plan to transform operating models across these key sectors by harnessing the power of cloud technologies and the extensive industry-specific knowledge and experience of our practitioners."

Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO, added, “Deloitte's reputation for enterprise transformation makes them an ideal teammate for us as we expand our cloud into new industries and with the world's biggest customers. Industries from health care to financial services to retail share a need to modernize – quickly. We're excited to join with Deloitte and deliver solutions and technology to help them do just that."

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