Amid oil boom, ClickOnHR opens Permian Basin office

28 November 2018 3 min. read

Houston-based HR consultancy ClickOnHR has opened its second office – in Odessa, Texas. The company deliver a suite of HR offerings to mid-market oilfield services firms.

Fracking technology has unlocked vast reserves in the Permian Basin, which spans West Texas and parts of southeastern Mexico. Access to that shale oil means that the US now has the largest reserves of recoverable oil in the world, according to a Rystad Energy report from earlier this year.

Production in the basin has breached record levels, with the Department of Energy estimating an output of 3.7 million barrels a day in December. Meanwhile, shale play output in December will have increased by over 840,000 barrels per day from a year ago. The world’s largest oil field – Ghawar in Saudi Arabia – by comparison, has a production capacity of about 5.8 million barrels per day.

With US oil topping $70 dollars a barrel, the number of active oil rigs in the Permian Basin has almost quadrupled since the low-point bust in 2016, when US oil prices crashed to $26 a barrel. Meanwhile, the favorable economics of extracting from the basin mean that some of the best-performing oil wells can break even at $22 a barrel.Amid oil boom, ClickOnHR opens Permian Basin officeThe massive production surge in the region means that the limited pipeline infrastructure has been overwhelmed. And though there are plans to build more pipeline capacity to the Gulf Coast and elsewhere, the current lack has led to discounts of as much as $18 a barrel, according to CNN.

Meanwhile, Texas oil companies are struggling to attract the amount of employees needed to meet demand – with national unemployment rates at the lowest level since 1969.

Human resources consultancy ClickOnHR aims to help firms in the basin tackle talent recruitment and retention challenges, while also offering a suite of HR services. To this end, the Houston-based company has opened an office in Odessa, Texas.

Founded in 2017, the ClickOnHR focuses on middle-market firms in oilfield services, including upstream and midstream, transportation/logistics, and construction. The new office brings the company closer to many of its clients, while also unlocking new opportunities in the region.

In terms of recruitment and retention, the firm offers recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and project based recruiting, executive and retained search, and direct hire services. The company's talent retention advisory services, on the other hand, help firms keep their human capital (and prevent productivity loss) as labor pool competition intensifies.

ClickOnHR additional provides services in HR administration, employee and labor relations, workforce planning, HR development, safety & risk management, and total rewards.

“Companies needing HR help but not ready to add to their existing staff ask us to provide things like HR advice, compliance audits, due diligence for M&A activity, recruiting and more,” said Rya Stone, ClickOnHR CEO. Stone considers the firm’s recruitment capabilities, especially for Class-A CDL drivers, as among its greatest strengths.

Commenting on the new office, ClickOnHR’s VP of Talent Acquisition, Heather Sanchez, added, “I love doing business in the Permian Basin. People here still operate on manners, respect, and a handshake.”

The firm’s new Permian Basin office is located at 4060 Faudree Rd, Ste. 104A, #206, Odessa, TX.