Entangled Group acquires education consultancy ProjectEd

17 January 2019 Consulting.us 2 min. read

San Francisco–based Entangled Group, a company which consults, incubates, and invests in education startups, has acquired Brooklyn-based education consulting and design firm ProjectEd.

Founded in 2015, Entangled Group’s professional services businesses – Entangled Solutions, Velocity, Studios, and Labs – provide education industry clients with an array of services. On the business consulting side, the firm provides strategy, non-profit management, sales, and revenue generation offerings. Entangled also incubates venture-scale high-growth businesses, delivers early-stage deal flows, and occasionally participates in and leads seed rounds. Finally, the firm offer services to education startups, from marketing to recruitment and beyond.

Entangled see themselves as a ‘company builder’ distinct from traditional venture capital, consultancy, or accelerator firms. “We develop insights based on our professional services activities, assemble teams to rapidly prototype concepts and test them in the market through trusted relationships generating feedback early and often,” explains the firm’s website. “We then continue to provide ongoing support and capital through multiple stages of growth.”

Entangled Group acquires education consultancy ProjectEd

Now, Entangled has acquired ProjectEd, a Brooklyn, NY firm which delivers product, visual design, and consulting services to educational organizations and non-profits. ProjectEd creates custom solutions in education, utilizing deep expertise in educational software, curriculum development, and design to provide educational products to schools across the country.

The firm was spun off from Amplify Education, a curriculum and assessment company, in 2016. Amplify had assembled a team of designers, developers, product managers, and strategists to work on projects from ideation to implementation in 2015. After supporting the XQ Institute and Super School Project, the team members formed project ProjectEd a year later.

ProjectEd’s clients have included hip-hop-powered online learning program Flocabulary, The Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University (CREDO), and Southern New Hampshire University.

Commenting on the acquisition, Entangled CEO and co-founder Paul Freedman said that bringing in the ProjectEd team “broadens [Entangled's] capability to give advice and be an implementation partner” to their educational sector clients.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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