CannabizTeam launches consulting, temporary worker recruitment service

17 June 2019 3 min. read
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CannabizTeam, a California-based cannabis industry executive search and staffing firm, has launched CannabizTemp, an online platform that provides cannabis companies with consulting services and access to a pool of temporary employees.

Of the 200,000 people employed in the cannabis industry, approximately 30% are temporary. The cannabis industry greatly relies on such employees, who help plant and harvest crops each year, as well as work in dispensaries and manufacturing plants. “For companies across the supply chain, the need to access state-approved, short-term employees has never been greater,” Liesl Bernard, CannabizTeam and CannabizTemp CEO, said.

Despite the demand, the path to quality temporary employees is a difficult. The extraordinary growth of the cannabis industry and of the companies working within it have resulted in a shortage of workers. The process of onboarding them is also time-consuming, taking an average of six weeks per worker.

CannabizTeam launches consulting, temporary worker recruitment service

“The CannabizTemp offering can shorten that time dramatically,” Bernard said. “We estimate that the cost savings per employee could approach $20-30,000. [CannabisTemp] also offers an organized, accessible way for employees looking to enter the industry and have control over their work schedule through temporary work opportunities. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, CannabizTemp is dedicated to making the recruitment process seamless and efficient for all companies,” Bernard said.

The platform will also vet candidates through phone interviews and background checks, manage payroll and compensation, and utilize a ranking system that provides reviews of prospective employees, giving companies a transparent look into exactly who they are hiring.

CannabizTeam is hardly the first organization to dip its toe into the world of cannabis consulting. The rise of legalization has led to rampant and lucrative opportunity for businesses, which have been quick to capitalize on ventures and partnerships.

Accounting and consulting firm MNP LLP in April joined the Global Cannabis Partnership, a not-for-profit collaboration of public and private sector organizations seeking to establish social responsibility standards for the international cannabis industry.

Cannabis consultancy HdL, meanwhile, was awarded a six-month contract extension with the city of San Bernardino, California, with an additional six months to potentially be added at a later date. The contract is worth up to $165,000.

"As additional states legalize cannabis, more companies will need access to talent on demand in order to maintain a competitive advantage... this problem is not going away, it’s only going to grow,” Bernard added.

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