NOW CFO expands in Central Florida

29 August 2019 1 min. read
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NOW CFO – a national consulting firm which focuses on outsourced, fractional, and interim chief financial officer, controller, and accounting service needs – has launched a new office in Orlando which will serve the Orlando and Tampa areas.

Population and economic growth has led the company to expand into the Sunshine State, which has seen breakneck population growth of 50% since 2000. Diversification beyond the state’s tourism backbone is also taking place, with wider job opportunities popping up across the state. Florida’s pro-business state taxes and low cost of living also make it an appealing hub for a growing array of industries.

Orlando and Tampa are leading the state with high rates of projected growth in construction, business, finance, and leisure and tourism.

NOW CFO expands in Central Florida

"At NOW CFO we are excited to join the market by helping businesses of all sizes, whether that means the established tourism industry or newer companies building their foothold," said Danene Bottiaux, who will lead business development at the Orlando office. "We are a great resource in this market because we offer experience and work ethic without the need for companies to search for and hire a full-time person."

The new office is located at 200 South Orange Ave. in Orlando, Florida.

The Salt Lake City-based consultancy’s 200 professionals provide ongoing and project-based work, tackling areas ranging from cash flow analysis and forecasting to profit/loss reports and capital raising. Founded in 2005, NOW CFO has since expanded into 13 states and 30 markets.

"We want to become the one-stop resource for CEOs and CFOs in the market, providing support to growing companies and aiding profitability," Bottiaux said.

Earlier this summer, the company launched a new office in Las Vegas, looking to tap into demand for finance and accounting services in advance of a possible recession – which could especially impact tourism-reliant Nevada.