Alliant Cybersecurity expands to Washington, DC

23 October 2019 2 min. read
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Cybersecurity consultancy Alliant Cybersecurity has announced plans to expand to the Washington, DC area. The firm is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and currently operates out of additional offices in Orange County, California and New York City.   

Alliant Cybersecurity focuses on cybersecurity, legislative policy, and professional services. Its consultants work with clients to create bespoke solutions for data security and risk management issues. The firm sits under the umbrella of tax consultancy Alliantgroup. 

"Alliant Cybersecurity was formed to expressly cater to the needs of mid-size businesses and professional services firms. Cybersecurity is not something that just large corporations and financial institutions must worry about. This has become a prominent issue for those outside the Fortune 1000 whose businesses would be crippled by a breach," Rizwan Virani, president of Alliant Cybersecurity, said.

Alliant Cybersecurity expands to Washington, DC

“Many of our Alliantgroup clients saw our bench of expertise on cybersecurity and approached us in the natural progression to ensuring the success of their business. This company was born out of our own learnings and best practices to give peace of mind to the mid-market which we serve, know well, and are acutely aware that it has been underserved on this front," Virani added.

With its expansion into Washington, the firm will continue to work with organizational leadership to increase cybersecurity within enterprises. These measures include risk and resilience reviews; training and awareness programs; the development of cybersecurity and privacy policies; and a “virtual CISO” (chief information security officer), which will work to define and implement overall cybersecurity strategies within organizations.  

"Major data breaches and other damaging cyberattacks occur daily, with nearly half aimed at small and medium sized businesses," Frank Tirelli, Alliant Cybersecurity's vice chairman of professional services, said. "Because our parent company, Alliantgroup, is focused on this market, we are keenly aware of that market's needs and have created an expansive suite of services to ensure our clients' most important information remains protected so that these owners can have peace of mind and focus on growing their business."

Alliant’s Cybersecurity’s team consists of industry veterans including Tirelli, a former Deloitte vice chairman, and Rick Lazio, a four-term New York congressman. The firm works primarily with middle-market businesses.  

"It takes a precise mix of skillsets to know the right technology and response protocols, to stay up-to-date on the latest regulations and to ensure the security of your data," Dhaval Jadav, Alliantgroup and Alliant Cybersecurity CEO, said. "We've put together the right mix of expertise to cover all the bases for mid-market businesses and professional services firms."