Deloitte launches AI institute to drive research and innovation

29 June 2020 1 min. read

Accounting and consulting firm Deloitte has launched the Deloitte AI Institute, a center which will focus on artificial intelligence research and applied innovation for enterprises across industries.

The institute will publish cutting edge research, covering focus areas such as global advancements, the future of work, AI ethics, and case studies. The premier publications will include the bi-annual State of AI in the Enterprise study, as well as the Trustworthy AI framework for ethics.

The institute’s network will also bring together top industry thought leaders and academics, startups, R&D groups, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. To this group, Deloitte will add its applied AI knowledge and understanding of industry pain points in order to help clients transform quickly with AI.

Deloitte launches AI institute to drive research and innovation

"The Deloitte AI Institute is being established to advance the conversation and development of AI for enterprises," said Nitin Mittal, AI co-leader and principal, Deloitte Consulting. "Our goal is to blend Deloitte's deep experience in applied AI with a robust network of some of the most intelligent AI minds in the world to challenge the status quo.”

Beena Ammanath, executive director of Deloitte AI Institute, Deloitte Consulting, added “With our unique experience, investments in AI and work with top organizations, we believe the Deloitte AI Institute can ignite ground-breaking applied AI solutions for enterprises.”

The network’s thought leaders will also include prominent ethicists, who will work with Deloitte and top stakeholders from all parts of society to co-design effective policies for AI ethics.

“In today's world, the benefits of AI enable greater outcomes for organizations than ever before. However, ethical safeguards must be put into place to help protect reputation and future performance," said Irfan Saif, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory principal, Deloitte & Touche, and Deloitte AI co-leader.