DuPont Sustainable Solutions partners with National Safety Council

12 August 2021 2 min. read

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), a global operations consulting firm, has entered a strategic alliance with the National Safety Council (NSC), America’s leading nonprofit focusing on the reduction of preventable injury and death – including in the workplace. 

DSS and NSC will collaborate to “increase the breadth of available safety technologies and advise companies on how to use technology effectively to mitigate risks in the workplace,” according to a release from the Geneva-headquartered consultancy.

DSS offers its own platform, while NSC has its NSC Work to Zero program. Both initiatives are designed to educate organizations and increase adoption of lifesaving safety technology.

As part of the alliance, the partners will develop joint content. NSC will also support through co-branding, while also providing its 15,000 member companies with access to the platform.

Dupont Sustainable Solutions partners with National Safety Council

“It is critical we help ensure that companies are well-equipped and knowledgeable about how technology can promote employee safety and prevent fatalities," said Davide Vassallo, CEO of DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

Implementing new technology to improve workplace safety is especially urgent as workplace fatality reduction has stagnated. There were 5,333 fatal work injuries in the US in 2019, representing a nearly 2% increase over 2018, and the largest number of fatalities since 2007.

“This strategic alliance with DSS will make it even easier for employers to identify the best technology solutions available for their unique safety challenges and help save lives," said Lorraine Martin, NSC president and CEO. is a web-based platform that provides employers with a single place to access workplace safety solutions that leverage technology in wearables and sensors, AI and analytics, and augmented and virtual reality. There are use cases for hazards including worker fatigue, remote assistance, falls, heat exposure, and collision avoidance, among other areas. has more than 400 safety technology vendors and 204 live solutions.

NSC Work to Zero was launched in 2019 and focuses on educating employers on technology safety enhancements that reduce workplace fatalities. The initiative has resources on emerging technologies including drones, proximity monitors, AR/VR, and fatigue monitoring and wearables.

DSS supports industrial companies with advisory services in operations and workplace safety. The global consulting firm has more than 1,000 people across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.