With over 900 professionals in 40 countries, we are a world-class operations management consulting firm with a purpose of saving lives and creating a sustainable future.

From our solid legacy as DuPont Sustainable Solutions,  we have evolved and enhanced our capabilities to meet the changing needs of our clients through organic growth and through the acquisition of three organisations which expanded the breadth of depth of our capabilities in operational excellence, sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance). 

What we do

We partner with our clients to work safer, smarter and with purpose and impact.  The value we bring to clients can be represented in three words:   Protect. Transform. Sustain.

Protect what you care for: your people, your assets, the environment, your competitiveness, your ability to innovate, your community and the  impact your organization will make for future generations. 

Transform your organization: This is not the time for companies to be satisfied with incremental Improvements.  Organizations need to transform to be relevant to the market, industry and society or be left behind by the competition. 

Sustain your performance improvements:  through culture, capability building and digital enablement.  

Who we are

We leverage deep technical and industry knowledge gained through decades of management and operations experience.  Our consultants are on the ground and in the boardroom developing and implementing solutions in partnership with clients, helping them to achieve operational excellence and superior performance in safety, ESG and sustainability. 

Combining industry best practices, the latest thinking in operations management and proven methodologies, our experts optimize outcomes across a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals,  FMCG, Private Equity, Mining & Metals, Utilities, Building & Construction and Transportation.

Our ability to look beyond shifting markets and growing demands is informed by our deep industry and business process expertise, and our core values of environmental stewardship, safety and health, respect for people and highest ethical behavior. Companies come to us because we understand the situations they face every day and because they want to create safer, more sustainable and more productive places to work.

Our approach

While other consultants may focus only on the technical elements of operational improvement, these results often yield short-term results. At dss+, we take a holistic, integrated approach to ensure that change isn’t just sustainable, but it also improves upon itself for years to come.

Our focus is not just on the processes and technical barriers that protect companies and their assets. We emphasize capabilities and skills building through education, training and coaching - from field personnel to senior business leaders - to build a living and robust organizational culture that achieves a fundamental, sustainable transformation for our clients. Our goal is to enable clients to use their internal resources and talent to outperform benchmarks, raise productivity, lower incident rates, exceed regulations and optimize capital returns.

By addressing the technical, behavioral and cultural aspects of your operations, we help you develop a framework that maximizes your existing assets, mitigates risk and drives continuous innovation.

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