Segal launches cybersecurity risk subscription offering

08 June 2023 2 min. read

Segal, a benefits and human resources consulting firm, has launched Segal Cyber Advisor – a cybersecurity risk subscription service.

Segal is hoping to cross-sell the new cybersecurity service to clients that generally tap the firm for its core benefits, HR consulting, and insurance brokerage services. In a web brochure, the consultancy references its 30+ years of expertise in benefits administration and its in-depth understanding of related regulations and compliance.

“We're excited to deliver a new solution to address cybersecurity risks, which are a constant concern to business leaders, especially at benefit organizations or other entities that lack a large in-house team of cybersecurity professionals to provide insight,” said Michael Stoyanovich, VP and senior consultant of Segal’s administration & technology consulting practice. “After analyzing the gaps that exist in cybersecurity risk management, we developed Segal Cyber Advisor to identify and address the weaknesses within an organization’s cybersecurity risk management practices, including its third-party vendors.”

Cyber Advisor’s offerings start with an assessment of a company’s cybersecurity risk, including vendor risk, to identify possible issues. Next comes benchmarking to see where the firm ranks among its peers, guidance on industry best practices, and a review of policies and procedures to find room for improvement.

Then, Cyber Advisor works to develop a custom remediation roadmap to reduce risk and help prepare for potential breaches. Other offerings include assistance in executing tactics such as phishing tests, cyber training for staff and managers, and a review of existing cyber liability insurance.

Cyber Advisor has four subscription levels, as well as cybersecurity advisory services for leadership and managers – with work spread across three years for manageability and budgeting predictability.

“The better prepared you are, the more you will reduce the impact on your organization – and the people you serve,” the brochure notes. “Keep in mind that the cost of a breach, which could result in loss of assets that pay for benefits, can far surpass the cost of a regular cybersecurity maintenance program.”

Headquartered in New York, Segal has more than 1,000 people across offices in the US and Canada.