We Don’t Just Manage Change – We Take Charge of It!

A strategy that doesn’t get implemented is merely a suggestion. A lonely, unloved whisper of what could be but probably never will.

Sad, isn’t it?

For more than 30 years, however, Root has been turning that strategic frown upside down for organizations around the world. Transplanting their strategic plans directly from the minds of leadership and into the hearts of the rank and file. The result is not some awkward, jargon-spewing Frankenstein’s monster, but a company unified in purpose and promise. We promise.

Of course, we’ve learned a lot ourselves over the past quarter century. Too much, in fact, to share even on this infinite web. So here are the four key challenges we’ve noticed all organizations face:

  • Leaders
    Not only are leaders rarely aligned on their new strategy, 54% of them don’t even think it will work. Even though they helped create it.
  • Managers
    Managers across the company and in every department not only feel ill-equipped to implement the change, they actually are ill-equipped.
  • Front line
    The folks on the front line have no idea how their efforts affect the overall strategy beyond whatever new task they are given. Quite possibly because they don’t even know what the strategy is.
  • Customers
    If the employee experience doesn’t support the customer experience, guess who experiences a less-than-stellar, umm, experience? The very people you want – and need – returning to your brand time and time again.

Your Worst Fears Unrealized

Look, we get it. You’ve been poking around this site a bit and have seen some fairly unconventional methods talking about reaching employees’ hearts and minds and whatnot. And that’s a little, well, odd. But given the failure rate of so-called conventional change implementation protocols, a little unconvention can go a long way. After all, it’s taken us around the world to help over 900 Fortune 2000 companies – including 70% of the Fortune 500. And they all seem pretty happy with how things turned out in these four areas: