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Turn Your Career Into a Calling or Vice Versa

In the beginning, chairman Jim Haudan founded Root as a people-focused organization. Over the years, we’ve strayed from that path not a single step. Our creative methods of counteracting corporate inertia by energizing a company’s employees have, in turn, invigorated our own people with passion and purpose. All day, every day. Here are just a few of the values your potential colleagues personify:

Why Root?

Creative Excellence
Because the tried-and-true rapidly becomes the tired-and-trivial, we constantly pursue a better way of doing things, reinventing what we must today to ensure a successful tomorrow.

Servant Leadership
You can lead by edict or by example. We choose the latter, serving our clients and each other in ways that spur us all to be greater than the sum of our parts.

It is possible – and preferable – to take business seriously without being solemn. Fun helps build relationships and boost performance. As they say, a little levity lightens the load.

Success comes more speedily when you work with people you trust. And trust is most easily built on authenticity.

None of us is meant to go it alone. Engagement helps people understand, learn, contribute, and feel valued. Because they are.

Some are random, others premeditated, but we choose acts of kindness and generosity that lift one another up – both within our ranks and out in our communities.

Collaborative Design
We’re all here to help, to hone, and inspire one another to succeed in ways none of us could accomplish alone.

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