Boutique consultancy BlackFin Group announces launch of operations

17 May 2019 2 min. read
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California-based BlackFin Group, a boutique consultancy which specializes in the five critical disciplines of business – strategy, sales and marketing, technology, culture, and operations – is open for business. The firm, headed by founder and CEO Keith Kemph, will focus on mortgage banking and financial services.

BlackFin Group offers fixed project pricing, well-defined completion deadlines, and full transparency throughout all consulting services, with “the goal of bringing a unique method to projects that drastically deviates from the way traditional consulting practices work with clients,” according to a press release.

“I founded BlackFin with the underlying concept that clients should have complete confidence in fixed pricing and full visibility into where the project is at all times,” Kemph said. “All too often, projects can get out of hand from a cost and focus perspective, failing to deliver on expectations. At BlackFin, we’re on a mission to prevent prolonged engagements, unexpected costs, and project disappointments. We are laser-focused on building a reputation and brand that is known to be on target, on time, and on budget – with every project, every client, and with the promise of stellar results.”

Boutique consultancy BlackFin Group announces launch of operations

Kemph brings with him a wealth of consulting and banking knowledge. He spent the last seven years in Washington, DC as a managing consultant at business and technology advisory firm CC Pace. Kemph has also served as a director at Merrill Lynch, and as a manager at several banks. Combined, this experience gave Kemph the tools to successfully build and launch BlackFin Group.

The new firm offers management consulting services that “solve multifaceted business problems, identify untapped business opportunities and successfully implement positive organizational change.” BlackFin looks to simplicity as its guide, hoping to reduce time and cost while maintaining quality and delivering measurable results. That’s a tough game, especially in an industry where projects, if not handled deftly, can easily become overcomplicated, expensive, and prolonged. So how will BlackFin do it? By staying true to its roots, according to Kemph.

“At the cornerstone of BlackFin Group is integrity, transparency and honesty coupled with innovative ideas, personalization, and the successful execution of each project. Upholding a sterling reputation that embodies our elevated values and produces exceptional client results will always be paramount to the success of BlackFin Group,” Kemph said.

The firm will also find support in its “extensive network of partners that embrace its high standards of excellence and effectively supports the company’s growing clientele.”