Booz Allen partners with AI specialist Hypergiant Industries

13 August 2019 2 min. read
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Public sector-focused consultancy Booz Allen has entered a strategic relationship with Hypergiant Industries, an Austin-based artificial intelligence startup.

Founded in 2018, Hypergiant delivers advanced AI solutions to public and private sector clients. Its current product and services lineup includes Sensory Science, which delivers AI intelligence though cameras, as well as Galactic Systems, which focuses on AI-driven aerospace and astronautic software and hardware.

Hypergiant recently added Bill Nye to its executive advisory board, where he will focus on the areas of climate change and space exploration.

As part of Hypergiant’s new strategic relationship with management and technology consultancy Booz Allen, the pair will work to deploy advanced analytics in “meaningful ways” for public and private sector clients.

The relationship combines Hypergiant’s leadership in machine learning and AI with Booz Allen’s expertise as an AI innovator and implementer for the US Government and Fortune 500s.

Booz Allen partners with AI specialist Hypergiant Industries

“While AI holds significant opportunity, organizations often struggle to effectively implement the technology in a way that delivers real, repeatable value,” Josh Sullivan, a Booz Allen senior vice president and leader of the firm’s analytics and AI business, said. “Our work with Hypergiant aims to help bring AI out of the lab faster, empowering organizations to deliver explainable and transparent outcomes.

“We plan to work together to help transform the public sector by automating tasks and helping clients adopt innovative machine learning solutions to, for example, improve health outcomes for Americans. Booz Allen and Hypergiant will also explore ways to speed AI adoption by identifying models from Booz Allen’s vast experience deploying AI, uncovering opportunities to repurpose and create immediate impact,” Sullivan added.

The pair will address a number of areas where AI can best be leveraged, using and possibly repurposing the intellectual property of both companies.

In healthcare, for example, AI-powered parsing of masses of medical records and data can more quickly find crucial information that can be a difference-maker in emergency situations. AI can also process reams of data more efficiently to help government agencies better spot fraud attempts.

State-of-the-art analytics can also be used to better combat malicious software, training itself on known malware to spot unseen varieties.

“Booz Allen Hamilton has the kind of reach, scale, and knowledge that we get excited about,” Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant Industries, said. “They also have a shared mission to help organizations and people change the world. Together, we will be able to leverage great technology and enable groundbreaking ideas, all in service to making substantial improvements to the world’s biggest problems.”