Two cannabis industry experts launch consultancy GPS.Global in Denver

28 January 2020 3 min. read
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Cannabis regulatory and legal experts Bob Hoban and Charles Feldmann have launched a new consulting firm based in Denver to support marijuana and hemp industry clients across strategy, operations, and M&A.

Hoban and Feldmann have a combined 25 years of industry experience, and have advised government and private sector clients in 37 countries.

Hoban founded Hoban Law Group (HLG) in 2008, building it out into the world’s leading commercial cannabis law firm, with over fifty attorneys and offices in seventeen states and ten countries. He currently serves as managing partner, president and CEO at the firm, which has represented large players in every aspect of commercial cannabis.

Since 2016, Hoban has served as chairman of International Hemp Solutions, a leading global hemp supply chain solution. Between 2010 and 2016, he was one of the first cannabis policy instructors at the University of Denver, lecturing on regulation and public policy.

Two cannabis industry experts launch consultancy GPS.Global in Denver

Feldmann co-founded Feldman Nagel Cantafio Law in 2004, and has led the law firm’s international cannabis team since 2012. He has worked with marijuana and hemp clients in nearly all states that have legalized cannabis, and has deep expertise in new medical and recreational marijuana regulatory programs.

Feldmann was previously a federal prosecutor and defense attorney in the United States Marine Corp, a state's narcotics prosecutor in Colorado, and a DEA Drug Task Force Commander. He is a former lecturer and instructor at the DoD, National College of District Attorneys, and US Armed Forces. He currently serves as vice-chair to the Cannabis Law and Policy General Committee for the American Bar Association.

The co-founders’ new “canabusiness” consulting firm will provide businesses, governments, and investors with services in strategic context advisory, capital markets and M&A, supply chain networking, and global expansion strategy.

Hoban and Feldmann have assembled a diverse team at Denver-based GPS.Global, bringing together global pharmaceutical executives, cannabis industry pioneers, attorneys, and former leaders in government agencies.

One key member is chief operating officer Ceci Zak, who brings 20 years of pharma industry experience. Zak previously was a principal and COO at Batten & Co, an Omnicom company which provides strategy consulting at the intersection of business, brands, and culture. Before that she was COO of healthcare at D.A.S. ~Omnicom. Zak also previously held several executive roles at Sanofi, and number of positions in sales and marketing at Roche Pharmaceuticals.

"I am thrilled to bring a breadth of knowledge and discipline to the business needs of this emerging industry," Zak said. "GPS is helping clients understand the global cannabis marketplace with respect to regulatory frameworks, economics, and social impact."

The new consultancy will also facilitate key partnerships to help drive revenues and profits. 

“Built to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the international cannabis market, GPS in partnership with Hoban Law Group and International Hemp Solutions, can provide clients immediate access to the top players in the industry, in any jurisdiction that supports a regulatory framework for commercial cannabis," said Hoban.

Cannabis is legal for recreational use in 11 states currently (33 states for medical use), but a recent Prohibition Partners report expects recreational legality in 50 states by 2024. The report projects a legal recreational cannabis size of $17.7 billion in North America by 2024, and a medical cannabis market worth $20.2 billion.