AlixPartners adds Palantir's Foundry platform to its offerings

10 November 2021 2 min. read
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Management consulting firm AlixPartners has entered a strategic partnership with Palantir, a leading provider of Big Data analytics software, to help corporate clients implement the Palantir Foundry platform.

Palantir Foundry is a central operating system that fuses massive amounts of data from financial, operational, and technical systems and then delivers intuitive end-user interfaces that enable optimized decision-making. Foundry software is currently deployed in more than 40 countries and is used by companies such as Merck, Airbus, and Ferrari.

Foundry was also recently used by NHS England during the Covid-19 pandemic to analyze the operation of its vaccination program. Critics opposed the contract because Palantir also offers a predictive policing system – Palantir Gotham – which is utilized by counter-terrorism and cyber analysts in the US military, intelligence community, and police. Palantir has also helped US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) build and maintain an intelligence system for tracking the personal and criminal records of legal and illegal immigrants.

AlixPartners adds Palantir's Foundry platform to its offerings

AlixPartners’ partnership with Palantir will combine the New York-based consulting firm’s strategic and operational consulting expertise with Palantir’s cutting-edge data analytics software to help clients realize gains in performance. The partnership will initially focus on helping companies in aerospace, telecom, retail, and media accelerate software-based businesses powered by Foundry.

“In today’s highly disrupted business environment every industry is at an inflection point. The companies that will endure and ultimately thrive will be those that successfully leverage data to power their sales, operations, customer experiences, and organizations. Palantir’s platform is best in class and together we have created a strategic opportunity to help our clients accelerate talk and analysis into action,” said AlixPartners CEO Simon Freakley.

AlixPartners and Palantir will specifically help their shared clients innovate next-generation software-based business models; navigate critical disruptions in supply chain, consumer behavior shifts, and digital; and create new ways of interacting with customers and employees.

“AlixPartners’ unique ability to drive strategic transformation for our shared client base has allowed our customers to fully realize the potential of Palantir’s operational AI platform, Foundry,” said Shyam Sankar, COO of Palantir. “Palantir sees AlixPartners as a critical partner to help our shared customers generate alpha today and reinvent themselves into the dominant companies of tomorrow.”

AlixPartners offers consulting services in turnaround and restructuring, performance improvement, economics, disputes and investigations, and technology. Within its technology practice, AlixPartners advises on tech transformation, digital operations, AI and analytics, digital platforms, and product development.